Tata Motors & Repos Energy to kick off Energy Startup Summit 2021

The Energy Startup Summit will kick-off virtually between January 11 and January 15. The 5-day summit will be virtually chaired by Shri Tarun Kapoor, Hon’ Secretary, Ministry Of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

Pune, January 8, 2021: With an aim to bring a revolution in the energy distribution system of India, Tata Motors, and Repos Energy announced Energy Startup Summit 2021 on Friday. The announcement was made during a press conference held on a virtual platform by the founders of Repos Energy, Aditi Bhosale Walunj and Chetan Walunj in the presence of top officials from Tata Motors, V Seethapathi – Vice President, ILCV, Sateesh Machiraju, Head of Sales & Marketing ILCV, and Hitesh Lakhani, Head of Marketing ILCV, Tata Motors.

The Energy Startup Summit will kick-off virtually between January 11 and January 15. The 5-day summit will be virtually chaired by Shri Tarun Kapoor, Hon’ Secretary, Ministry Of Petroleum & Natural Gas. The event will have top dignitaries, key decision-makers, and Industry stalwarts such Dr Pramod Chaudhari, Founder, and Chairman, Praj Industries Ltd, top officials from HPCL, BPCL, IOCL, Shri Pramod Halder, Managing Director, Maharashtra Natural Gas Ltd, Anand Bang, COO, Sales & Marketing, Tata Motors Finance, John Eichberger, Executive Director Fuels Institute, USA, and Matt Powers, Business Development Initiative (India), Gilbarco Veeder Root.

The vision of Tata Motors and Repos is to onboard more and more startups by redefining the energy distribution of India. To take all the forms of energies on wheels and help move the country towards a carbon light future. Talking about the association with Repos Energy, V Seethapathi – Vice President, ILCV, Tata Motors said, “We want to represent the young Indian entrepreneurship, and the amount of passion, commitment, and core side that Repos Energy brings to the table, is worth noticing. Till four years ago, there was no such thing called a systematic distribution of diesel, and the way Repos created a system with so much passion, we decided to associate with them. The quality of diesel dispensing unit on IoT that Repos has built for Tata vehicles are a great example of how this start-up is headed towards bigger things with their sheer conviction and innovative outlook.”

He further added that with this summit, Repos will develop more and more entrepreneurs. And Tata Motors will also get an opportunity to position Tata products which are known for their highest quality and reliability. With Repos Energy, we plan to cater to the requirement of the energy distribution sector. And this in turn becomes a win-win for the entire community.

Backed by Ratan Tata, Pune-based Repos Energy is one of the leading and fastest-growing startups in India. Repos provides door-to-door diesel delivery through Repos mobile petrol pumps across over 150 cities in India. Being a startup themselves, they believe that in order to boost the economy of the country and making the dream of a $5 trillion economy a reality, there is a great need to first boost the entire startup ecosystem of India.

Repos Energy has registered over 500 startups, out of which 200 startups have been recognized by the OMCs and attained the licenses. “With the upcoming EOI (Expression of Interest), we are positive to receive around 1,000 more registrations in a span of 30 days. In the coming years, there is going to be a huge demand for such energy startups who will be identified as the new generation success stories. In all, we are expecting around 10,000-12,000 to grab this opportunity. And this upcoming summit will help these startups to get onboarded with the idea and the steps ahead,” shared Chetan Walunj, co-founder, Repos Energy.   

“To bring a transformation in the energy distribution sector in India, we as startups need to focus on our strengths and set a benchmark. It is a collective effort that can bring a change. With the vision of One Energy, One Fuel at a time! We can witness 20,000+ energy startups distributing CNG, LNG, LPG, electric and other different forms of energy through technology in the coming years and take India to a carbon light future,” added Aditi Bhosale Walunj, co-founder, Repos Energy.