Saving the farmers of Pune

Gorakh Dagade-Patil is a farmer and deeply connected with the farming community in and around Pune. As COVID-19 broke out and shut down entire cities, Pune was no different. But one section that could not afford this was the farmers. Their produce would not just rot and waste away, the lockdown would also render them helpless to continue further.

The idea of setting up a market yard was mooted to solve just this problem. As farmers saw their wares being picked up, buyers also found a cheaper, better quality option to buy their daily necessities. As the vision grows, it aims to now offer more – from cold storage to imported food products.

Listen in as Siddharth Rahalkar speaks to Gorakh dada about all that went in to making this happen and the arduous journey to getting where the plan is.

आज आपल्यासोबत आहेत श्री गोरख दगडे पाटील. हसतमुख चेहरा आणि “काय सेवा करू” ह्या विचाराने सतत सर्वांसाठी उभे असणारे ‘गोरख दादा’ आज आपल्याला त्यांनी राबवलेल्या एका खास प्रकल्पाची माहिती देणार आहेत.

गोरख दादांची थोडीशी ओळख करून द्यायची झालीच तर ती अशी, कि २०१५-२०१८ गोरखदादा पुणे कृषीउत्पन्न बाजार समितीचे  संचालक होते. तसेच समाज हेतू ह्या उद्देश्याने ते ऍम्ब्युलन्स, रक्तदान आणि अश्या अनेक मोहीम राबवत असतात.

गोरखदादांनी बावधन मार्केट यार्ड ह्याची स्टेफना केल्यानंतर ही त्यांची पहिलीच मुलाखत आहे. तर चला, गप्पा मारूया…