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Is Pune Safe for Women?

Do women need to take safety measures when getting out at night in this city? Should they be aware of martial arts? Are the chances of something going wrong very high? These are a few questions that will be answered, along with a few facts looking into the safety conditions of the city.

Pune is the city where you have students and working women groups from different parts of the country. Women cannot picture themselves out at night in a city like Delhi… Pune, isn’t quite there yet, but women in the city do have some concerns.

Considering women’s equal rights and empowerment, why doesn’t the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra fall in the safe category?

Pune is one of the fastest growing and advanced metropolitan cities as far as career opportunities for women in India go. With a police-population ratio of barely 0.14%, the Force does its best to keep the city safe but sometimes, the sheer lack of numbers limits how much they can achieve.

Drug issuesLow
Vandalism & theftModerate
Armed robbery & assaultLow
Corruption & briberyHigh
Evaluating Crime in Pune

If you thought Delhi was topping that list, think again. Mumbai has an accounted highest crime rate of 101.2 compared to 14.9 at cities average rate. The disheartening truth is that 80% of sexual assaults against women take place inside the house. With the recent rise in unemployment and poverty, the crime rate is bound to rise as well.

Pune Police has taken some concrete and proactive steps with the launch of the #CitySafe app, although students question whether this will up the city’s safety game or not. These apps have been said to reduce the response time taken during an incident or emergency.

Initiatives like Police Kaka and Buddycop are not just for the safety of citizens, but also a seek to gain and build better trust and relationships between the police and citizens.

There have been cases of abuse, harassment and stalking of working women and students. Despite all this, let’s agree that Pune is comparatively a lot safer for solo women travelers compared to many other places in India.

The city has changed over time and does have pockets that are being labeled unsafe. Prime locations such as Koregaon Park or Kalyani Nagar have also had their share of issues. Chain-snatchers have also earned the city a bad name. Some cases have also known to involve injuries.

While women still venture out after 9 pm, the city has changed in the past decade and it is time to adapt to these changes for personal safety. Having a two-wheeler or a car is a great option if you travel alone, especially in the night.

Pune is comparatively very safe, and the best way to keep it that way is to be alert. We need to work with the Police and the administration to ensure that we do our part in keeping the city safe.