Handcrafted ceramics for your home

Ceramics have been part of human civilization as one of the earliest inventions of mankind!

Ceramics have been part of human civilization as one of the earliest inventions of mankind! While ceramics could include anything from tiles to an artificial tooth at your dentist, we are specifically talking here about Pottery and ceramicware – which is essentially earthenware or stoneware used as tableware, containers, or decorative items at your home and kitchen. The Pandemic has struck all businesses and we’re happy to present some small businesses that you could help.


Owner Archana Deshpande was always fascinated by pottery and handmade products. Pottery, according to her, is a very interesting fundamental art – it is earth, water and with fire, it takes on a form of life.

PotteryDen designs and makes hand painted and hand textured exclusive collection pieces, which bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary style. With contemporary touch, PotteryDen’s range is widely appreciated for adding beauty and aesthetic appeal to any space hence referred as Lifestyle Designer Pottery! She believes art needs to be trendy & functional to be alive, not only to be seen, but also to be felt.​

Bowls by PotteryDen

They work on mainly three palettes or hues – Rustic (which includes darker, earthy, rusty tones with texture), Pastels (casual, fresh and soothing feel) and Traditional (depicting Indian royal cultures).

People can check PotteryDen collection here or on their Facebook page.

Kaliman Studio

Kashmira set up Kaliman studio in 2018 after pursuing her architecture internship in 2015 at Auroville, Pondicherry where she had her first interaction with pottery.  She spent some time visiting pottery studios there and learnt that there were so many different firing, making, glazing techniques and wanted to explore working with them. She learnt pottery at Golden Bridge pottery in 2017, post which she was assisting Veena Chandran in Pune for 10 months. Thereafter, she set up her own studio. In 2019, she also went for two apprenticeships to the UK, assisted Mike Dodd and Micki Schloessingk for a few months. 

Simple handmade things bring a lot of joy to her as an artist, and she also hopes that her pots also bring that similar happiness to people using them. She is drawn to reduction firing to 1285° C or what potters refer to as ‘Cone 9’. She likes making functional pots mostly – subtly playful and understated – wheel thrown and hand built, sometimes a combination of the two. She is consciously trying to use local materials as a part of slips and glazes and testing some wood ash glazes. She doesn’t burn wood specifically for the ash in the glaze, but tries to use available ash.

At the moment, she can be reached out to mostly via Instagram and Facebook.

So Punekars, what are you waiting for, do check out their fabulous work; get your personalized ceramics for home, and an experience that’s as local as it gets…