My newest teacher: Instagram

2020 has been a strange year in many ways. None more so than how we learn and who is teaching us. This teacher’s day let us see how Instagram is the new teacher in our life.

If reading the title made you think I have lost my mind in current pandemic situation. No, let me tell you some interesting facts how I think Instagram is my new teacher.

Life has flipped over in 2020. We started living in the quarantine mode. And our sources of entertainment were limited with the social media, we could sure get variety!

I learnt that basic photography skill from a housewife who cooked food with love for her family and used sunlight to click the photo. Taadaa! I saw a delectable photo of that nicely clicked picture.

I learnt we should celebrate our flaws from a dear friend who wrote her heart out in the caption this morning.

I learned that pain can be beautiful from a teenage girl who skillfully wrote poems using heart wrenching words.

I learned commitment is important from that biker who completed his ongoing project despite being stranded for a month in this situation.

I learned a social media influencer can be a shy person in real because he likes to be behind the camera and project his feelings only through his work.

I learned a food blogger, who is skipping and hopping in pubs, restaurants and 5-star hotels is an introvert and is in love with his maa ke hath ka khana.

I learned a working woman who lost her job recently can be a teacher to her kid and make him learn cooking and baking so that he understands gender equality in the long run.

I learned a middle age boy with severe back pain aspires to become a dancer after he got inspiration from his social media feed.

I learned a girl who feared her abusive relationship with her boyfriend secretly likes posting photos on her Instagram feed which gives her a sense of freedom and few moments of happiness.

You have to trust me on this one. The list can go on and on and on. Taking everything with a pinch of salt is what Instagram Stories and feed helped me learn.

Happy Teachers Day to our new age teacher – the social media feed.