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83-Year-Old Pune Woman has Kept her Mess Open only for Four Students

Ajji, as she is known, treats them like her own children and serves them with love!

Pune: Since the beginning of the lockdown, cities have shut down all Educational Institutions, while students have returned to their home towns across the country.

Food courts, canteens and messes that largely relied on students for their daily earnings have seen a sharp drop in business as campuses remain closed.

In these unprecedented times, Pune’s 83-year-old Usha Namade has continued with her tiffin service in Gokhale Nagar only for four customers.

Usha Namade

She says, “I have never seen a situation like this in my entire life. There are seven members in my family, and our only source of income is the mess. Most of my customers are from Fergusson College and are students, but due to the lockdown all the students have gone to their respective home towns. I have four customers now, and I serve them regularly, because if I don’t, who else will. They are like my own children. So I have kept my mess open for these four people only”

According to one of her customers, Ajji, as she is known, treats him like her own son. Her food quality remains top notch and she serves them with a lot of love!

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