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Pune gets 3-Star Rating in 'Garbage Free City' Contest

Pune Municipal Corporation’s aim is to be in the top ten cities in the Swachh survey.

Central Government’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has given a 3-star rating to Pune in the ‘Garbage Free City’ Initiative. The ratings are based on ward-level parameters like sweeping of public places, garbage collection and management, provision of garbage bins, cleaning water bodies, construction waste management and maintaining clean initiatives, amongst others.
Pune initially received a 1-star rating in the month of May, but was later upgraded to 3 stars when the Mayor and Municipal Commissioner appealed for a decision review.
The rating is based on the whole of last year’s performance. Mayor Murlidhar Mohol has said that this year, residents and employees will put in more efforts to see that the city gets an even better ranking.
PMC’s aim is the be among the top ten cities in the Swachh survey.
Feature image by @framesbysaket via Instagram
News source: Hindustan Times