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7 Fantastic Instagram Accounts of Pune

Pune’s people, food, heritage, culture, and of course, its amazing photographers, you guys! It all makes us fall in love with the city and its people more and more everyday!

One of our favourite aspects about Instagram is to see the images of Pune we’ve been tagged in everyday. The city’s people, food, heritage, culture, and of course, its amazing photographers- you guys! It all makes us fall in love with the city more and more everyday! Here are some Pune Instagrammers whose pictures we love sharing on our page


Tushar Kothari is a young and dynamic photographer who is excellent with humans as well as animals as his subject. His portraits are insightful and artistic. Also, he’s one Puneri photographer that has clicked the Ganeshotsav Miravnuk perfectly. With close to 10k followers, the future sure looks bright for him!


Guneet Sharma is a software engineer by profession and a street photographer by passion, and boy, do we love his passion! One of the best urban photographers in Pune, the way he plays with light and silhouettes is simply breathtaking to see. Go through his feed to rediscover your love for Pune (and dogs!).


Unmesh Vilas Mahajan is a talented young photographer from our city with an eye for urban aesthetics. Almost versatile, his feed has a large collection or urban as well as nature photography. His collection of Ganeshotsav Miravnuk photos is pretty impressive as well!


Vinayak’s Instagram bio says, “My feed is more random than your thoughts” and while that might be true, it’s also more artistic than our thoughts as well. At first glance, it’s easy to see that he loves and also excels at black and white photography. He’s mostly influenced by inanimate muses as well.


Gautam Mahajan is a 20-year-old Punekar with photography skills that far exceed his age. We see a hint of light play as well as beautiful panoramas in his feed; every photo of his comes with a specific mood. Check out his feed to witness what we’re talking about!


Kaustubh Gaikwad has a massive following, and after scrolling through his feed it’s easy to see why. He is versatile and has a vast collection through which he shows us how good he is with his skills. We especially like his Bokeh effect as well as surrealistic photography. Check out his feed to discover his journey with his photos.


Shubhankar Sonawani is my favorite when it comes to portraits. Every single photo in his feed tells a story, and his captions are equally interesting and insightful. From school kids to aged people to really interesting perspectives on views, his photography does seem to be timeless.
We’ll keep publishing such pieces as and when we post images on our Instagram feed. Follow and tag us in your pictures, and you might get featured here too! 
Featured image by @gun_eat via Instagram