If Siri Were a Punekar!

Let's get Sirious.


If you don’t know Siri, raise your hand. Alright, from which cave did they defrost you? On a serious note, Siri has metamorphosed AI in Operating Systems; it’s a new age and Siri is the first sign of it. Known to be loving, smart, insightful and sometimes – um, somewhat of a smart a$$, Siri sure makes owning an Apple device extremely entertaining.

Just like Siri, Punekars can have an opinion about almost everything when asked. Along with some serious information to back it up, most of the times. Just imagine this, you ask something to Siri and a Punekar from Sadashiv Peth answers your question. Hilarious, right?! Here are some of the funniest situations which would arise if Siri were a Punekar-

rencontrer un homme c'est être tenu par une énigme Asking for directions


Siri as a Punekar would never give a straight answer. For example- “Siri, give me directions to Sadashiv Peth”.

Answer: Here’s how to get to Swargate. Ask someone there for further directions.

http://inter-actions.fr/bilobrusuy/5084 Fact Checking

Siri as a Punekar would sound painfully disinterested and bored, especially with your inability to trust her. Later, she would just chuckle from the phone’s speakers and disappear for a while. Hmm, weird.

click to investigate Translation

Ask Siri to translate into Hindi from Marathi, or vice versa, and Siri wouldn’t even reply. Use speech for recognition and if she detects English/Hindi, she would go to sleep and you’d probably have to convince her really hard to respond to you.

rencontre 53 Restaurant Recommendations

Possibly the one thing that would make Siri extra happy if you were to ask her for food recommendations in Pune. There would be a couple of restaurants for every cuisine, and you’d get an accurate waiting time for the popular ones. In a proud voice, of course.

http://huntersneeds.net/rigaro/6571 Mathematical Queries

Siri would be unusually fast, and of course, accurate. Along with the logical answer, she would also provide a sentimental one, hey, she’s multidimensional. Having a knack for proving her point, Siri as a Punekar would be exceptional at Mathematical Theorems (and other nerdy stuff). Again, with pride.

rencontres femmes turques Tell a joke, Siri


So as you all know, Siri is famous for her (awful?) jokes, so much so that we can’t help but laugh. Siri as a Punekar would tell jokes like- “A Punekar, a Mumbaikar, and a Nashikkar walk into the bar” or Siri would just make bad Marathi puns until we switch off our phones (or not).

http://daweo.org.af/18-dte74447-japanese-singles-in-the-usa-dating-site.html Siri, define ‘Pride’

Siri would start a monologue for a definition. Explain what Punekars are and why they are so proud? From Karve Nagar to Koregaon Park, from Culture to Heritage of the city, she would explain what and why Pune’s pride means to a Punekar.

anonymous So, Pune, let’s get Sirious.