2020: The toughest teacher of all

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More than 25 million people have been affected worldwide and over 8.5 lakh have lost their life. Who would have thought that 2020 would be one of the toughest times or the hardest teacher? The pandemic has affected us in many ways but more than that, it has been a teacher who has taught us some very tough lessons.

Lesson 1: Take it one day at a time

We had all become accustomed to a fast-paced life. Running from here to god-knows-where! 2020 slowed us down. Told us there’s nowhere to get. You now wonder where we were headed anyways!

Lesson 2: Appreciate your loved ones


Family and friends gained precedence over career and “life”. 2020 showed us the importance of all that we were missing out. Things that were simpler things but mattered more. With video calls and phone calls trending like never before, just knowing that everyone is safe every day was more than enough. Some of us suffered losses too and that only brought into perspective how much we had to be thankful for.

Being content with whatever you have is important.

Lesson 3: Loving back mother earth

International travel is still a distant dream; a trip to a nearby location also meant ‘travel’ – we learnt to travel for a break and satisfaction rather than our social media feeds!

Lesson 4: Money IS equally important

With businesses and the economy in general getting hit badly, the value of money we had grew. Savings became important and being financially independent has taught us to plan for future.

Lesson 5: Being content

Being content with whatever you have is important. You can manage without the latest in everything. It’s ok to not be on top of each trend.

Lesson 6: Freedom

Freedom was not just 1947, but the freedom to breathe as you live this year, the freedom to choose, the freedom to LIVE became more important than ever. Being locked in has made us realise the importance of all we took for granted – the freedom to be.

September 5 is Teachers Day and yes, we appreciate all that the teachers in classrooms and in life have taught us. But the most telling lessons were taught to us in the last 6 months. By Father Time. The toughest and wisest teacher of all.

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