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Pune Police is Handing Out Gift Vouchers for Following Traffic Rules!

In an excellent and welcoming change introduced by the Pune Traffic Police, you will now be rewarded for being a law-abiding citizen.

Far too often, we complain about the traffic scene in Pune even before we head out and face it. It’s gotten so bad that plans for leisure or entertainment are often cancelled or postponed depending on the time you’re supposed to set out at or the locality you’re supposed to get to. When did it get so bad? Well, we can only ask ourselves.
However, our government and traffic police have taken note of the entire situation and slowly but steadily, changes are being implemented in order to rectify the exhausting traffic problems.
In an excellent and welcome change introduced by the Pune Traffic Police, you will now be rewarded for being a law-abiding citizen. If your vehicle number doesn’t have any complaints registered or recorded, then the traffic branch will reward the respective citizens in the form of vouchers or discounts, which can be utilised at various popular spots in the city.

Image by @my_pixel_world

Here’s how the process will work – at several spots in the city, the traffic cops will scan your vehicle registration number. If your vehicle doesn’t have any pending e-challans, if you’re wearing your helmet/seatbelt and following road rules, then the mobile number attested to the respective vehicle will get a notification and a gift voucher.
The following corporations have collaborated with the traffic branch and you’ll be rewarded with their respective vouchers- McDonald’s, Hotel Mutton Thali, Senortia Shoes, Brahma Gardens, TVS, Ranka Jewelers etc.
This scheme is valid only for residents with two-wheeler or four-wheelers. You will receive the coupon via SMS and it can be redeemed in 30 days. The offer is valid only for retail chains mentioned above that fall under the city limits.
To be honest, despite the encouraging endeavour set forth, it’s slightly shameful that as residents we have to be baited with incentives in order to follow something as simple as traffic rules. However, if these incentives will correct some flaws in our mentality or even the entire traffic situation, then perhaps all hope isn’t lost.
Feature image by @superloko via Instagram