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The Punekar Turns Eleven!

The Punekar recently turned eleven years old. Our team is pretty excited about this and I thought I’d give you a peep into what it’s like to work here!

The Punekar recently turned ELEVEN and it’s been a bitchin’ ride (you’ll get the reference if you’re a Stranger Things fan). Our team is pretty excited about this and I thought I’d give you a peep into what it’s like to work here! It’s been over four years since I joined this team- countless meetings, hundreds of articles, numerous videos, long but super fun hours spent ideating- I must say that it’s been one heck of a journey.
I joined as an intern and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. Just a 22-year-old kid who wanted some pocket money for his summer endeavors. I’ve always been passionate about writing and it only made sense to earn money by doing what I really love. Coincidentally, two things fell into place- my love for writing and my love for Pune city.
Whether I’m working from the office or as a freelancer, my priorities have always been straight. My voice through The Punekar should reach out to all Punekars, and I’m really grateful for everything that this magazine and you guys have done for me. You’ve been loyal readers and supporters, critics when necessary and helpful angels when required.
In this digital day and age, most of us mindlessly browse through social media pages without actually knowing how much work goes into maintaining them. However, after being involved with an entity that runs one of Pune’s largest, I have witnessed the efforts which go into it; this is where I applaud the efforts of my mentor and boss, Apeksha, our Editor-in-Chief.
I’ve been one of the lucky ones to be blessed with a boss who feels more like a friend than someone who commands me. Our chemistry is unique and after all this while, easier and effortless than I could have ever hoped for.
Despite being a team, I see this woman shoulder the burden of things she really shouldn’t, I mean she can easily put her hands up sometimes, but she stands her ground and even better, she stands up for her team. On and off the work table, she doesn’t flip her personality, something which has helped me immensely to trust her with my career.
The Punekar’s vision is easy enough for me to announce – to be the biggest, most reliable, and the very first platform to represent our city and its residents on a national level. Don’t think of us as just “media”, think of us as friends amidst you who are channeling your voice; the fact remains that all of us are in this together.
Personally, The Punekar has helped me more in my life than just career-wise. It has given me a thorough understanding of how commerce in this city works, and more importantly, the larger picture of things to come for Pune. Communicating with strangers everyday makes me realise how different all of us really are and yet how similar because we’re all Punekars!
You’ve been as much a part of this journey as I have, and everyone at The Punekar would like to thank you guys for everything- SO MUCH GRATITUDE! Happy birthday to us!
Feature image by @mr.boooombastic via Instagram