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Only Punekars Can Experience These Simple Monsoon Pleasures!

If you’re a Punekar, your soul will just GET these monsoon feels.

I’m going to start by saying that I’m totally expecting comments like “Eh this happens in Mumbai also” and “What bakwaas this list is fully applicable in Jharkhand also”
Yes, I know. Monsoon is monsoon everywhere; the raindrops in Pune aren’t liquid platinum being showered on a land of solid gold.
But, if you’re a Punekar, your soul will just GET these monsoon feels.

  • Punekars drink chaha at an hourly rate. Come rain showers and you can double that quantity. Because a Puneri cuppa tea is Bae and cannot be compared to any other cuppa tea.
Image by @travel.streets.and.beyond
  • Next on my list is the quintessential Pune Rickshaw ride. No car drive can compare to Rickshaw commutes in Pune. A rainy morning infused with some sassy comments from a Puneri rickshawala? #YaasKween
  • Steaming food at a favourite local roadside joint. Speaking of which, recently, someone left a comment on one of my Instagram pictures, saying they can never place Vada Pav and Pune in the same sentence; Mumbai comes more naturally. I rolled my eyes into a whole new dimension. A hot Puneri Vada Pav while it rains? Can I get a COWABUNGA here? *cowabungaaaaaa*

Image by @veggie_pune

Btw, which is your favourite street food joint in Pune? Let me know in our Facebook comments’ section! 

  • Being a laid back city, which is less noisier as compared to larger metros, there’s a whole different feeling to just sitting around in our balconies or on window seats and watching the rain transform a green Pune into an even greener one. That, with the aforementioned cuppa chaha and hot Bhajjis! Or MAGGI! Yes, hello bliss, welcome, we’d been waiting.
Image by @mj_sketcher
  • Road trips from Pune. Road trips from Pune. Did I say road trips from Pune? Road trips from Pune! Pune’s proximity to weekend getaways is one of the best aspects about our city. Mountains, beaches, hill stations, all just a few hours away. And the rains make these trips way more exciting! Just drive real safe, ok?

Happy monsoon, my fellow Punekars! Comment and let me know about your special rainy time feels- whether in Pune, Mumbai or Jharkhand 🙂
Feature image by @veggie_pune via Instagram