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7 Places in Pune Serving the Yummiest Macarons!

Macarons are pretty tricky to prepare and perfect but these places in Pune are nailing them!

The culinary scene in Pune has elevated to a new degree ever since globalization hit us in all its glory. French cuisine has wandered into our city and its finesse has charmed Punekars. With their cuisine come Macarons- small, round cakes with a meringue-like consistency, made with egg white, sugar and powdered almonds, consisting of two halves sandwiching a creamy filling. They’re pretty tricky to prepare and perfect but these places in Pune are nailing them!

Le Plaisir | Bhandarkar Road

Le Plaisir / FB

One of the best and most renowned Freach eateries in the city, Le Plaisir serves authentic French food unlike any other. As for their Macarons, they are made of almond flour and every bite is a bit of heaven. They are sold in multiple flavours, so go all out with your selection.

Krustys | Koregaon Park | Kharadi | Kothrud

Image by @nvidyasagar

A small, cozy eatery serving European cuisine, they are particularly known for their desserts. From Chocolate Eclairs to Macarons, these small, colourful goodies will make you sigh in gastronomic pleasure. Try their mango, chocolate, and vanilla variants!

Le Sugar Rush | Mukund Nagar

Le Sugar Rush / Instagram

As the name suggests, this eatery is a heaven for those who obey their sweet tooth. From Belgian Chocolate to Chocolate Ganache, you can get your Macarons customised as per your choice of flavour. They make the filling as well as the Macarons with the freshest ingredients every day, so biting into one is a heavenly affair!

La Bouchee d’Or | Dhole Patil Road | Koregaon Park

Image by @thewanderingwish

Don’t worry about pronouncing the name right, once you enter the place, there will be other factors holding your attention. Tasteful, elegant ambience, and food set to have you grinning ear to ear, La Bouchee d’Or really knows how to spoil us. Their Macarons come in exotic flavours- mint, chocolate, lemon, coffee, and raspberry, and they are, of course, made from the freshest ingredients every single day.

Le Petit Amour Patisserie & Bistro | Kothrud

Image by @elysian_artsie

Another renowned name in the French culinary list, Le Petit Amour is known for their artistic dishes which please both the eyes and the stomach. This tiny eatery has been known for their Macarons for quite a while now; especially their chocolate and lemon Macarons. They make these fresh every morning, so you get the best every time you dine at Le Petit Amour!

Meringue – Desserts & Confections | Camp

@meringue_pune / Instagram

Although Meringue, based in Pune Camp, only takes delivery and takeaway orders, this doesn’t stop people from gorging on their delicious and unusual Macarons. The chef comes up with some really unheard of flavours, including Cola and Blueberry amongst the regular Chocolate and Coffee ones. You can also place large orders for special occasions and gifting purposes! Call 9607586768 for orders!

Piatto Dessert Studio Café | Kalyani Nagar

@piattodessertstudiocafe / Instagram

We particularly love the Mint Chocolate Macaron here! Piatto, Italian for “plate”, serves everything prepared from scratch. Other than their Macarons, you absolutely must try their Raspberry Chocolate pastry- unbelievably delicious!
Feature Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash