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6 Really Good Places to Eat at in Hinjawadi!

Our IT Land in Pune is here to stay (and continue growing) because of the ample opportunities it presents, its lifestyle and of course, the food!

Hinjawadi is no phase! Apologies for the bad pun, but seriously, our IT Land in Pune is here to stay (and continue growing) because of the ample opportunities it presents, its lifestyle and of course, the food! Our once-upon-a-time-modest Hinjawadi is now a booming sector of modern lifestyle. So when in the locality, fret not if you don’t know where to eat. Solve your hunger pangs by checking out these restaurants!


Image by Public Hinjawadi

Kicking off this list is a beautiful rooftop restaurant with a scenic view and an even better menu. Equipped with a dance floor and comfortable arrangement, they put the jazz in jazzy. Try their Buffalo Wings, Honey Chilli Potatoes and Pizzas while you sip on your favourite cocktails!

AB’s – Absolute Barbeques

Image by AB’s – Absolute Barbecues

Their Barbecue Wish Grill offers unusual meats like rabbit, quail, duck, octopus and squid too! Of course, there are multiple vegetarian options as well. Their desserts are pretty amazing; try the Truffle Pudding and the Gulab Jamun! We’ve got to mention that this place is pretty easy on the pocket too!

Ancient Hyderabad

Image by Ancient Hyderabad

Bringing authentic lip-smacking Hyderabadi cuisine to Pune is Ancient Hyderabad; you legit don’t have to miss Hyderabadi food now! From Nawab Biryanis to Kebabs and delicious Niharis, they have your cravings sorted. And as the name suggests, their dishes are prepared as per traditions, so you are assured of taste as well as quality!


Image by Thikana Hinjawadi

Thikana created quite a ruckus when it launched and all for good reason. Spectacular ambience, amazing vibes, delicious cocktails, and yes, lip-smacking food has made Thikana quite the weekend place. Try their Sharabi Phuchka which are Pani Puris topped with flavoured tequilas and the Mongolian Chicken. The Chicken Bao is pretty good too! Finish the meal off with a yummy Margarita!

The FML Lounge

Image by FML Hinjawadi

One of the most happening lounges in Pune, The FML Lounge is known for their live music and amazing food. Try their Burmese food and ask for dessert recommendations while you’re at it. A special mention goes to their Chilly Chicken! Wash it all down with a few pints of Beers!

Marine Drive

Image by Marine Drive Hinjawadi

This namesake restaurant comes with a view as lovely as that of the original’s. A perfect place to bring your date, or to just spend some time with yourself with an Old Fashioned in your hand while gazing at the view from the rooftop. As for food, try their beer batter fish and chips and some Pasta from their Pasta Bar. If you still have some room for dessert, go for their Apple Pie! They have Happy Hours from 6-8 pm, so make the most of that too!
Feature Image by Marine Drive in Hinjawadi, Pune