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6 Places in Pune Serving Authentic Kolhapuri Food

Pune, gear up for some spicy, wholesome, soul-satisfying Kolhapuri food! 

Pune, the mecca for multi-cuisine food and sarcasm. Our residents love food, and their standards are pretty high when it comes to satiating their cravings. And although several international cuisines have marked their spot in Pune, we are particularly partial to Maharashtrian cuisine, no?
Kolhapuri cuisine is well-known for its spices and is yet understated, simple, very delicious and filling. It basically defines Maharashtra on a plate, and naturally, Punekars can’t get enough of it. So if you’re looking to explore this cuisine but don’t really know where to start, then worry not- check out these spots for finger-licking Kolhapuri food!

Purepur Kolhapur | Kothrud | Sinhagad Road

Image by @misagarkhandare

The first name which comes to mind when you think about Kolhapuri cuisine, Purepur Kolhapur firmly believes in serving authentic Kolhapuri cuisine without the extra jazz. Superb, masaledar curries, spicy chicken broth, and the famous egg preparations all make Purepur Kolhapur a city-wide favourite restaurant!

Maratha Samrat | Kothrud | Baner | Camp

Image by @vwkarve

Popular for their Kolhapuri curries, Maratha Samrat is another well-known name in Pune. What’s noticeable is their extremely polite and hospitable staff; they’re very knowledgable about the menu and courteous to the point of those serving royalty. Try their Chicken and/or Mutton Thali and order some sukka fried chicken as a side. Sorted!

Kolhapuri Katta | Bibewadi

Image by @sanketayan

As the name suggests, Kolhapuri Katta is truly a home for all Kolhapuri cuisine fanatics. They serve the food just the way you expect- simple and seriously spicy. However, it’s not just the spice factor which makes their food so great, their curries have that distinct taste of several spices artfully blended together to get that particular flavour and aroma. Absolutely delicious!

Sugran’s Kolhapuri Non Veg | Sadashiv Peth

Image by @tatya_vinchu_omphatswaha

Head to the core of Pune and you’ll find here the core of Kolhapur. Their Mutton Loncha in particular is a huge favourite amongst regulars. Spicy, but not overly, it can be paired with rice or chapati. Great, simple food at pocket-friendly rates makes Hotel Sugran a clear favourite!

Gavkari | Kothrud

Image by @hungryladki

As the name suggests, the food here is reminiscent of simple, rural food. Try their Tambda Rassa, special Gavkari Chicken, Chicken Kheema and the Chicken Sukka. The best part is that the food is extremely cheap, and the service is prompt. Most definitely worth a try!

Surve’s Pure Non Veg | FC Road | Camp | Viman Nagar

Image by @ketpatwardhan

A clear favorite among most Punekars, Surve’s is famous for their curries and mutton preparations. Regulars here swear by their Mutton Rassa and Bhakari, and after trying it, we can totally see why. If you want something slightly less spicy and more flavourful, try their Chicken Curry and Pulav- aromatic, fresh, and filling!
So, Pune, gear up for some spicy, wholesome, soul-satisfying Kolhapuri food! 
Feature image by @tatya_vinchu_omphatswaha via Instagram