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Juna Bazaar to Soon Operate 7 Days a Week!

Pune’s iconic budget shopping street bazaar will soon remain open all week long, as opposed to the current situation being only twice a week!

Pune’s iconic budget-shopping street bazaar will soon remain open all week long, as opposed to being open just twice a week! This news comes almost eight months after the Bazaar’s relocation information dropped.
Most of us who commute through that route will probably roll their eyes or wince, but take a seat before you bash this new development.

Image by @deep_banerjee_photography

Our 250-year-old market has a reason for existing even in the modern day, and perhaps our government has realized this, which is why this new development is aimed at streamlining most of Juna Bazaar’s ordeals into one, manageable scheme. From antiques to…*cough* stolen goods, Punekars have more and more reasons to explore the RTO area without grumbling.
Image by @hey_snoopp

Now, about the talks of its relocation, the market is set to shift just 50 meters from the current spot. Hopefully, the government has predicted the traffic conditions and improvised on the situation. However, what’s the reason for the market to stay open seven days a week? Well, more revenue for PMC. Vendor stalls (4×7 meters) will be allotted to all the merchants in Juna Bazaar at the new location, creating a free-flowing and manageable trading system. Proper license distribution and renewal will also ensure that the problem of unauthorised hawkers will now be dealt with.
Feature image by @deep_banerjee_photography via Instagram