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7 Places in Pune that Serve Delicious Pancakes!

Children, repeat after me – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And us Pune peeps know it very well, after all, we’re born to eat! 

Children, repeat after me – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And us Pune peeps know it very well, after all, we’re born to eat! 
When it comes to breakfast dishes, we are all spoiled for choices. Maharashtrian cuisine does breakfast really well, and restaurants in Pune have banked on this fact. However, we all forget the world’s favourite breakfast dish until we see it on the menu, Pancakes! These simple, fluffy, filling pieces of goodness are so underrated in our city, that we thought we’d hype them just a bit. Also, let’s have you craving some pancakes right now, yeah, we’re evil like that. So without further ado, check this list out!

Yolkshire | Karve Nagar


The king eatery of breakfast also serves some of the best pancakes in the city, no doubt. Fluffy and drizzled with syrup and chopped bananas, their pancakes are the perfect way to finish off a heavenly, huge breakfast of their stuffed omlettes. They also serve Blueberry Pancakes, for those who want to try a different variant.

One O Eight Lifestyle Café | Koregaon Park

Image by @abdulkadirl

Paying a fantastic tribute to American as well as super healthy dining is One-O-Eight Café. Their special House Made Ricotta Pancakes are definitely worth a try. Made with whole wheat flour, eggs, bananas and fruits, they break apart on your plate at the slightest touch. An excellent way to start the day indeed!

The Chocolate Room | FC Road

Image by @a_foodophilesdiary

Although this place specialises in anything/everything chocolate, their Pancakes are surprisingly heavenly. Especially for the summer, they serve Mango Patch pancakes- a stack of fresh and soft pancakes topped with vanilla ice cream and mango sauce.

Peter’s Pan | Wanowrie

Image by @arjmane

This eatery does comfort food just right, and when it comes to pancakes, boy, they please the soul. Their menu has two variants of pancakes- regular and Signature pancakes. For those who want to splurge and try something new, go for their Chocolate Chips Pancake which can make even the bluest Monday morning suddenly feel too good to be true.

The Flour Works | Kalyani Nagar

Image by @shasha_skiniletious

The Flour Works has gained quite a reputation in the culinary scene for their food, especially their American cuisine. Pair their pancakes with a cup of excellent house coffee, and you’re sorted for the day. What to try? Their special pancakes drizzled with Nutella and Peanut-Cashew Brittle!

Tea Villa Café | Viman Nagar | FC Road | Baner

Image by @ardent_foodie

Known especially for their waffles, their pancakes are pretty remarkable too. Planned in a way where they perfectly compliment their tea menu, their Dutch pancakes are soft, flavourful, and easy on the pocket. Try their mini Nutella Pancakes if you want something sweeter, they surely won’t disappoint either.

99 Pancakes | Koregaon Park | Salunke Vihar | Pimple Saudagar | Kothrud


Not only would this list be incomplete without a mention of 99 Pancakes, but a lot of you guys would probably raise hell in our Facebook comment section. Now situated in multiple locations across the city, 99 Pancakes is especially known for their Nutella Pancakes and delicious Waffles too. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, which is a big plus. So, head over pronto!
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