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6 Fantastic Budding Music Bands in Pune

There’s a reason why Pune is termed as ‘Kaleche Maherghar’. Art has always blossomed and thrived in our city and will always continue to do so!

There’s a reason why Pune is termed as ‘Kaleche Maherghar’. Art has always blossomed and thrived in our city and will always continue to do so! Several of the greatest artists visiting our city have said that Punekars are some of the best audience any artist could ask for, and as flattering as it sounds, let’s acknowledge the Punekars who are artists themselves!
The bands I’m going to talk about today are honestly some of the brightest and the most promising in the entire country, not just Pune. They need attention and support in order to make the city and its residents proud. Check them out, they won’t disappoint you!

Triple Shuffle

Triple Shuffle/FB

A project started by the prodigal wonder kid Ritvik Nagarkar, Triple Shuffle will soon be touring the country to promote their EP. They play delicious and smooth blues and jazz, and every gig of theirs promises to have you pleasantly surprised. They’re already playing in Pune at some amazing venues, so connect with them on social media! Their music has been linked on their name in the subheading!

Celestial Teapot

Celestial Teapot/FB

With a name as unique as this, their music is bound to be pretty on-point as well. Celestial Teapot are a four-piece instrumental rock band and they have performed in most of the big venues around the country as well. You can check their music out by clicking on their name above!

Easy Wanderlings

Easy Wanderlings/FB

Their Facebook bio says ‘Amalgation of Soul, Pop, and Folk’ and that is the best way to define their music. Having performed at the two biggest venues in the city- NH7 & Supersonic- it’s safe to say that this band is going places. A perfect band to introspect, check them out on Youtube linked to their name above.

Lal & The People

Lal & The People/FB

Although Rohit Lalwani hails from Bhopal, his music has its roots in Pune. Another great Blues and Rock band, their energy and stage presence is truly remarkable. They go on tour pretty soon as well, so make sure you’re connected with them. Their YouTube channel is linked on their name.



The most technically gifted three-piece band in the city, Funkatrix usually dabble in funk (no surprise there) jazz and blues. They have played at some of the best venues in the country and sell out most of their gigs for obvious reasons. A sheer joy to experience them on stage, make sure you check them by clicking on their name above.

Unkle Whiskey Collective

Soundchek Entertainment/YT

Started by Nikhil Bailur, UWC mostly play blues, jazz, rock, and sometimes instrumental music. They especially do great covers; in fact, they can be referred to as the best when it comes to The Doors or Eric Clapton tribute gigs. Definitely worth checking them out- click on their name!
Feature image by Celestial Teapot/FB