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Did you Know About this Vintage Car Museum in Pune?

A bunch of people own luxury and vintage cars in the city, but not an entire collection of the latter. 

A bunch of people own luxury and vintage cars in the city, but not an entire collection of the latter. Our person in context today is Mr. Subhash Sanas. While a lot of people know him as the owner and curator of the vintage car museum located in Lulla Nagar, very few know of his background.
Son of the first mayor of Pune, Shri. Baburao Sanas, Subhash Sanas has led an enviable and luxurious life for decades. He’s had everything he set his eyes upon, especially cars- which he is really passionate about. He is known to be an extremely generous and kind man who has contributed to several fields of humanity and philanthropy in and outside of Pune city.

Image by Vishal D

As for his museum, he collects, restores, conserves, and then presents vintage and classic cars of all the ages and eras. The museum was started in 2009, and ever since then, it has attracted millions of car fanatics for a visit. It’s more than a museum, it’s a sheer miracle and source of pride for any individual who is passionate about cars and vehicles.
From 20thcentury motor vehicles, to 19thcentury crude cars, history has been preserved and displayed in this museum. The museum also houses an in-house restaurant apart from the magnificent array of vintage vehicles. Some of thr cars were owned or used by well-known individuals like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and other notable actors and actresses.
Subhash Sanas Vintage & Classic Car Museum

Some of the noteworthy vehicles in this museum – Mercedes Benz 300 TD, Mercedes Benz 280 s1, Lambretta, London Taxi, and other vintage cars. What’s really interesting is the fact that despite the slow speed of these vehicles, they were indeed luxurious, posh and easy on the eyes. Every single detailing of the cars is presented to the viewers, offering plenty of opportunities for car enthusiasts to study and note down the vintage parts and their operations.
Apart from the obvious nostalgia, some of the rare features which aren’t present in modern cars can also be enjoyed and reminisced. This 10,000 sq. ft. museum hosts several ageless beauties behind glass doors, especially the 1927 Chevrolet Spock, an Opel, and a 10-horn convertible Impala.
Image by Vishal D

This museum tells a story of the miles we’ve come from where we started. An entire era of locomotion is stored here, and for those who are car enthusiasts- what are you doing if you haven’t checked the museum out yet?!
Address: Plot No.178/179/180 Lulla Nagar Near Mount Carmel School Pune, 411040