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7 Things to Do in the Camp Area of Pune

The Pune Cantonment area houses several aspects of cultural and traditional importance. A mecca for shopping, food, and monuments, a day spent in Camp is a good day indeed! 

The Pune Cantonment area houses several aspects of cultural and traditional importance. A mecca for shopping, food, and monuments, a day spent in Camp is a good day indeed!
Being one of the oldest commercial centers of our city, the Camp area has it all. That is not even to mention the real significance of it- the Cantonment area, of course, houses our armed civil forces. For the residents however, the place holds extreme significance due to its versatility. Let’s take a walk through the area and map out seven things you can do in and around MG Road!

Shivaji Market

Image by @farhaan112

This colourful market is a gem for all hardcore Punekars. Apart from the plethora of goods and items sold here, it’s a heritage site now. If you’re around here early in the morning, this place is especially a treat. Fresh meat and vegetables are bought here for the week, tiny makeshift shops sell some locally-crafted wares as well as beauty/fashion items even. And if you visit during Ramadan, some delicious dishes will be available too!

SGS Mall

SGS Mall

Start of with the one place that’ll require some energy! An evergreen place for adults as well as youngsters, SGS Mall offers everything. From elite shopping brands to local Indian brands, it is more than a mall- it’s become a local landmark now. A perfect place for souvenir shopping if you’re visiting the city, or to kill a few hours if you need to in the locality.

Dorabjee & Sons

Image by @jaiminrajani

All that walking and shopping can sure lead to a grumbling tummy! Camp does food unlike any other place in the city, and most Punekars head to camp for some authentic Parsi food. If that’s your agenda, then come lunch time, head to Dorabjee & Sons on Dastur Meher Road for some simple, delicious Parsi food. Their Sunday specials are renowned in the city, just in case you’re around on the weekend.

Fashion Street


Now that the grub is taken care of, head to Fashion Street for some more browsing and shopping. Fashion Street offers several possibilities; from knock off products to local stuff sold at discounted rates, there’s something for everyone here. This street is often crowded, with just enough space to walk around, while your vehicles are parked at a distance on East Street or MG Road.


Image by @brajeshsuraj

This gorgeous temple in Camp is the perfect place to grab a minute of silence and serenity. Most people come here to meditate, and it’s a wonder- such a calm place in a crowded and bustling locality like Camp. You will often find people reading or writing here, the atmosphere is so peaceful!

Kayani Bakery, Marz-O-Rin and JJ Garden Wada Pav

Image by @sheetal_khattri

Three renowned eateries in the area- Kayani Bakery is famous throughout the country for its baked goodies, Marz-O-Rin for their delicious sandwiches and Pastas, and of course, JJ Garden Wada Pav needs no description! A trip to Camp is not complete unless you savour these heavenly delicacies from these three places.

Thousand Oaks

Image by @ruoka_ja_luonto

Enough about food though, how about some beer and cocktails to end a super fun day?! 1000 Oaks is one of Pune’s oldest pubs, with lip-smacking barman’s pitchers and a really chilled out ambience- perfect for unwinding! They have an indoor (fabulous loud music) section as well as an outdoor (easy breezy) one. Take your pick! Just note that you might want to reserve your table in advance for this place.
Have a fun day in Pune Camp and remember to tag us in your pictures
Feature image by Shankar S. via Flickr

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