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7 Must-Do Things in Pune – Punekar’s Guide for Tourists

Pune has come miles from the small, quaint city, which it was a decade ago. No longer are we just known for our sarcasm, we have moved past the afternoon nap jokes as well (for the most part).

Pune has come miles from the small, quaint city, which it was a decade ago. No longer are we just known for our sarcasm, we have moved past the afternoon nap jokes as well (for the most part). Although both of these things are a sly part of our cultural identity, there’s so much more to us; so much to explore and discover here! 
Pune is a hot-spot for startups, as well as an excellent and staunch front for education; our colleges are ranked to be some of the best in the entire country. However, taking things to a lesser intensity, we sure know how to have fun as well.
Popularly referred to as the ‘kaleche maher-ghar’, art and culture have always run rampant, and with them has come a steady rise of entertaining and soul-filling activities. So for all the non-Punekars who’re here to explore, or those who are almost-a-Punekar now, check out these must-do things in the city!

Explore the Historical Heritage

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Pune has always been at the centre of the Maratha Independence struggle; from Shivaji Maharaj to the Peshwas, entire dynasties have their roots gripping our soil. So naturally, Pune has significant historical monuments, the most popular ones being Shaniwarwada, Sarasbaug, Kesariwada, and Shinde Chattri. Take a city tour and explore all the significant places!

Religious Spots

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The concept of ‘Manache Ganpati’ was constructed in Pune. Apart from the five manache Ganpati, there’s also Mandai and Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpatis, which are definitely worth a visit. If not that, every year the ‘Wari’ makes its stop in Pune, and along with that are the several religious festivals which are worth exploring in Pune. If you’re in the city during Ganeshotsav, you’re in for a MAJOR treat! For some peace and quiet, the go-to place should be the Pataleshwar Cave temple.


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Of course, Pune has some of the largest and versatile malls in the state, Phoenix Marketcity being the most visited one. If you want to go local, check out places like Tulsibaug, Mandai, FC Road and Camp. Along with that, a walk through all the seven Peths is definitely recommended, especially Budhwar Peth, Rasta Peth, and Ravivar Peth. Street Shopping is a massive yes in our Punnyanagari!

Explore Food

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We are the stalwarts of Maharashtrian cuisine, especially typical Brahmni food. From a simple Maharashtrian thali, to the most extravagant spread of continental and Oriental food, Pune does really have it all. However, when in Pune, do what the locals do. Check out places like Bedekar Misal, Katakirr Misal, Chitale Bandhu, Kaka Halwai, and other famous local eateries, especially our street food!

Check out the Local Art

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As mentioned above, we are termed as ‘kaleche maher ghar’, which means the maternal home of art. Apart from the two big music festivals – NH7 and Supersonic, we also have one music festival which has been tremendously popular for more than fifty years. Sawai Gandharva is an Indian classical music festival which should definitely be explored. Along with music, several avenues in the city host Painting, Poetry, Photography, and Dancing events. The Pune Markets by Karen Anand are also quite the treat!


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Although not strictly in Pune, most of the popular forts are a short drive away from Pune. Sinhagad Fort is one of the most popular forts around the city, especially during the monsoons. Along with it, explore Torna, and Rajgad as well. Bhimashankar is another must-visit place!

Local Interaction

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A stop in Pune is absolutely incomplete without talking to the locals and understanding the culture. Get to know our sarcasm, our day to day life, and our definitely quirky traits. If you have ever read P.L Deshpande’s literature, you’ll understand his fascination for Punekars, and we certainly are a fascinating lot. In these modern and metropolitan days, our city still has an old-fashioned, traditional heart.
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