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7 More Fantastic Instagram Accounts of Pune!

We recently published a list of Pune Instagrammers whose images we love getting tagged in; immensely talented and versatile.

We recently published a list of Pune Instagrammers whose images we love getting tagged in; immensely talented and versatile. If you haven’t already read that piece, here it is! Their skillset with the camera knows no boundary, and today, we’re celebrating a few such photographers again! So check out the list and follow them on Instagram!


Asif Khan is a Pune-based photographer who specializes in clicking street and travel photos, however, his real strength, I feel, are his portraits. Expressive and insightful, each photo tells a unique story. His subjects vary, and often he picks them out at random; a promising sign of a photographer who is eager to play and develop!


Sandeep is another Puneri photographer who specializes in nature photography. What I really loved about his feed, apart from his photos of course, was his bio – “Your skills and gears may have limitations, but your creativity shouldn’t”. Also, #bhataktitharrak in his bio is proven by his feed; our man really likes to travel!


Shubham is a writer as well as a photographer; he mostly does travel and wedding photography. He also makes short films, something I’m really curious to see. His feed is filled with urban photography; the sly discreetness of his subjects add a playful vibe to his photos.


What impresses me the most about Viraj’s feed is the way he plays with light, especially his long exposure shots. A hint of urban photography along with Ganeshotsav photography is enough to have us all highly interested in his feed!


Harp, as is his name in his bio, is quite possibly my favourite photographer in this list, mostly because of his quirky name, which is literally followed by his feed- a gorgeous black-and-white theme. Be it portraits, or urban photography, his photos tell a story each time you look at them, a strong compliment for one of our city’s very own.


Harshal is excellent at clicking portraits, no doubt. However, his true strength lies in clicking the ordinary middle class when they are lost at work; it’s always beautiful to see the ordinary clicked in an extraordinary way! He’ll make you fall in love with Pune all over again!
If you have a great feed of Pune on Instagram, or know or more feeds like these, send us a DM on @thepunekar so we can continue making such lists!
Feature image by @harshal_shingare_9293 via Instagram

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