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6 Local Businesses that are Bringing Pune into the Limelight

With Pune’s infrastructure developing rapidly, e-commerce is steadily climbing the charts. The city, housing IT Parks and colleges, has realized the potential of pushing homegrown brands ahead, and rightly so, for multiple reasons.

With the city’s infrastructure developing rapidly, e-commerce in Pune is steadily climbing the charts. The city, housing IT Parks and colleges, has realized the potential of pushing homegrown brands ahead, and rightly so, for multiple reasons.
Not only do homegrown brands contribute to the city’s image and popularity in the longer run, but they also encourage more closet businesses to pop up in the future. One homegrown brand has the potential to create several sibling brands, so it’s necessary to nurture and promote Pune’s local brands as much as we can! So, here’s a list of six homegrown brands that are still rocking it in 2019; check them out and support them as much as you can!


Quite possibly the most popular name in the list, Harshwardhan Patwardhan’s Kolhapuri Chappals’ business has received tremendous attention from our country. After some serious study and research, he found a market for his passion; his handcrafted Kolhapuri Chappals are quite an accessory to traditional attires. Check out their entire collection here.


Home chefs are garnering immense respect and love these days, and Hauskhaas has utilized this fact to their advantage. They are changing family mealtime in homes now. Their team of home chefs prepare fresh and authentic dishes, which are then delivered to your doorstep. Their menu keeps changing, so this is the closest we can get to having professional chefs cook their specials for us every day! Order your curated meals here.

Wabi Sabi

Premium coffee lovers can breathe a sigh of relief now. Wabi Sabi, a Puneri homegrown brand imports 100% Arabica coffee from Coorg, artisanal blooming tea from China, and authentic Matcha from Japan. All these items are sold in individual packs so as to get the authentic experience of having a premium beverage without leaving your house. You can shop their products here.


Owned by fashion and footwear designer Sanjana Pratik Khaire and her husband Pratik Vijay Khaire, Cuero is a luxury footwear brand for those with fine tastes. They specialize in made-to-measure leather shoes that are handcrafted with extreme precision. Their collection of luxury shoes are fabulous to look at, comfortable to wear and have fast gained immense popularity across the country. Explore Cuero here.

The Doodle Factory

Founded by Aditi Deo in 2009, Doodle Factory is a Doodle merch store where you can buy printed tees, coffee mugs, notebooks, coasters, and a lot of other stuff! Aditi was a graphic designer as well as an illustrator and she also happens to be a best-selling author! No wonder a multi-talented woman is leading one of the best homegrown brands of Pune! Check  their stuff out here.

No Thepla Holidays

A bizarre yet hilarious name ensures that this brand is not going to be your ordinary holiday company. Co-founded by Ayesha and Sanaya Ghandy along with Arjun Malhotra, the company plans offbeat and unusual holidays which are perfect for some time off from your work life. So far, some of the trips they have planned have been to Andaman, along with some amazing concerts in Amsterdam and Spain. You definitely need to check them out if you need something new when it comes to planning your holidays! Check them out here.
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