6 Lesser-Known Facts about Pune Railway Station!

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Pune Railway station is our city’s first “hello” to a tourist. Sure, the airport qualifies as well, but the railway station is part of our history and heritage and probably more in use than the airport. It’s one of the busiest stations in our country and rightly so; it caters to most of the south bound trains coming from the north.

In fact, the first express train in India ran between Mumbai and Pune in 1928. This old gem in our city has seen several tourists over the years. Several stories, beginnings and endings… and if it could talk, it would be the grandfather of our city- we would get to hear bedtime tales which would blow our minds away. Regardless, here’s to exploring the old once more, here are six lesser-known facts about Pune Railway Station!

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The station was open to the public from 1856. Spanning over 93 years after the completion of the first express line, it’s one of the oldest railway stations India. Almost 150,000 passengers pass through this station every month. It’s on the Mumbai- Chennai line and the Pune-Bengaluru line starts with the Pune Railway Station.

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The Pune Railway Station has two footbridges with a skywalk. The Government has made plans to upgrade this station to world class standards. The station has six platforms and eight tracks which pass through it.

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A diesel loco shed located near the Ghorpuri railway station comes under the city’s Railway Division. It’s one of the three diesel sheds belonging to Central Railway, and of the three of them, this is the biggest one.

Recommended Site Maldhakka Goods Yard
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Maldhakka is the freight depot of Pune Railway Station and consists of two railway sheds. Most of the freight depot trains are loaded and unloaded at this spot. The entrance to the goods yard is situated in Maldhakka Chowk.

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The Railway Station is powered by a 160 kWP solar power plant which generates around 2.4 lakh units (kWh) annually. This project is a first-of-its-kind for Railways, and has been commissioned since 2016. Another project at the Hyderabad Deccan Railway station is a replica of Pune’s project.

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With the arrival of Pune Metro, more funding and development is also to be expected for the Pune Railway Junction. An additional track is also to be expected between Pune and Lonavala to increase the frequency of trains. As of now, technical advancements are expected as well, with our station already getting high powered WiFi and solar power facilities!

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