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Get the Best Travel Gadgets of 2018 at only 1% of the Cost!

Just rent them at, which sources the latest travel products from all over the world and lets travellers rent them for as little as 1% of their cost per day.

As 2018 draws to a close, it is time to look back at some of it’s highlights. And for most of us, the best part of the year is likely to be when we were holidaying. So, here’s a look back at some of the hottest travel gadgets of 2018 that have helped travellers enhance their travel experience.
Now some of these gadgets may seem out of reach as cutting-edge technology is never cheap. But here’s the thing! You can now use all of these gadgets whenever you want without having to buy them. How, you ask? Just rent them at, which sources the latest travel products from all over the world and lets travellers rent them for as little as 1% of their cost per day.
Here’s a list of the hottest travel gadgets of 2018 which you can rent whenever you travel in 2019!

GoPro Hero 7 Black

Launched in November 2018, the latest avatar of the GoPro has a few new tricks up its sleeve. It now has inbuilt image stabilisation like never seen before in a camera, so you can get “hyper smooth” videos using gimbals. Its image quality and features are the best in class for an action camera. Rent from Rs 500/day.

DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal

The DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal helps you take extremely smooth and stabilised videos right from your mobile phone. An essential for recording live footage when you are on the move – be it the park or a trail, this Gimbal comes with amazing features like time-lapse, selfie mode and follow me function. Rent from Rs. 125/day.

Insta360 One Camera

360-degree cameras are taking the market by storm and rightly so! The Insta360 takes it up a notch with its built-in image stabilisation and bullet time to create impeccable video logs of your journey that are highly immersive. Added features include built-in live streaming to Facebook and Instagram, Bluetooth connectivity and UHD 4k video recording. Rent from Rs. 400/day.

Aquavault Portable Safe

A portable safe should be an essential while traveling for multiple reasons. The Aquavault Portable Safe is made with slash-proof material and comes with a motion senser alarm as well. It can carry all your essential belongings without you having to worry about waterlogged baggage. Rent from Rs. 80/day.

Adjustable Backpack

Adjustable backpacks are fashionable, effective and a necessity while traveling. The Adjustable Backpack by Piorama comes with three size adjustments and ten different configurations. It can be transformed into a duffel, a sling, or a backpack within seconds. It comes with a capacity range of 31L to 62L. Rent from Rs. 130/day.

Revolcam Mobile Lens

If selfies are your thing, then this accessory can lift your game to the next level. With three flippable lenses- macro, wide angle and fish eye- your phone can become a brilliant creative tool in an instant. The magnetic LED light can turn low light selfies into perfect pictures. Rent from Rs. 40/day.

Mosquito Zapper Lantern

Camping or tenting can be living hell if you cannot find a way to deal with pesky mosquitoes. This Mosquito Zapper Lantern is compact, effective, and of course, powerful enough to do what is says- zap mosquitoes out of the way! And it solves two problems in one go by combining a very useful lantern to light up your tent area. Rent from Rs. 40/day.
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