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7 Types of Punekars at a New Year's Eve Party

NYE Parties in Pune (or elsewhere) unleash the true human being within us. Drunk or sober, we are our real versions on 31st December.

NYE Parties in Pune (or elsewhere) unleash the true human being within us. Drunk or sober, we are our real versions on 31st December. Now this party has a lot of potential to make or break the start of the next year. For example, people swear off alcohol or smoking from 1st of January, but partying till the wee hours of 1st morning has already destroyed their resolution.
Regardless, observing people at a New Year Eve’s party is one of the most entertaining thing you can do. People go through different emotions at the same time, and it’s funny, nostalgic and weird at the same time. Here are the seven types of Punekars at an NYE party:

  1. The sober one – This poor soul has been thrown in the midst of chaos where he/she is trying to make sense of why people are being the way they are. They are the designated drivers, and they eat a LOT of your food.
  2. The hungry one – This one just needs food all through the night. They HAVE to stop at the Railway Station Bhurji Pav thelas after the party because they claim if they don’t get some food into them they’ll pass out.
  3. The one with the expensive alcohol – At BYOB parties, there’s always one who brings a single malt or something like that. To show off or if they legit have that kind of money around, we don’t know, but this person announces that they won’t be sharing. And as it happens, their bottle is the first one which is emptied.
  4. The selfie one – There’s always that one person who it seems like is only there at the party for clicking selfies. They click a ton of selfies and photos in general and the worst part is that they don’t even share these photos on the Whatsapp group the next day.
  5. The emotional one –If one of your friends has been through a breakup recently, then they’re not exactly fun to have around. They’ll get emotional after remembering all the tiny things about the relationship, they also get drunk alarmingly fast and then of course- throw up, or cry. Or both.
  6. The party animal –This person has got CRAZY energy! They dance, they drink, they shout, they click photos, they initiate games and conversations, and probably even act as wingman/wingwoman. They save the party, and are probably the reason why you wake up with a horrible hangover.
  7. The ones who pass out before 12 am – Hate to admit this, but I have been this person a couple of times. It’s probably the alcohol, the exhaustion, or just laziness, but these kind of people talk a big talk but pass out before it’s midnight. Then they wake up when everyone is shouting Happy New Year and pretend as if they had been awake the entire time.

So, which one are you? Tag a friend you think is one of the above (or more) and spread the NYE cheer! Stay safe, you guys!