7 Really Delicious French Fries in Pune

Image by Dr. Pratik Patil

Perhaps one of the the most favorite side dishes of the entire world, it’s impossible to not love French Fries. Fried a nice golden-brown and sprinkled with salt, they make the perfect sides with a pint of beer. 

French Fries are perfect in any form and shape. Hand-cut, curly, crinkled, or just the traditional ones, you place a dish in front of me, and I will absolutely devour it. So if you are a French Fries maniac like me, you absolutely need to explore your love for this amazing dish, and what better way than to try different French Fries from different places? After all, variety makes the palette experienced. Check out our super delicious unusual French Fries’ in Pune list!

rencontre avec femmes seropositives The J | FC Road | Viman Nagar | Kothrud | Baner | Koregaon Park

Image by Dr. Pratik Patil

A French Fry eatery which beats every other place, The J is where you go when you want to explore variations of French Fries. Tandoori Chicken Fries, Pizza Fries, Pasta Fries and Barbeque Fries are just some of the finger-licking variations available at The J. You can also customise your fries and toppings, so make sure you go all out!

Web Site The Sassy Spoon | Koregaon Park

Image by Tanmay Saraf

We’re in love with their New York Fries with Dukkah spice, Cheddar Cheese and pickled Jalapeños! These go so perfectly well on a chilly winter evening, along with some piping hot soup!

site de rencontre sа“ТЉrieux belgique gratuit The Greedy Man Pizzeria | Baner | Kalyani Nagar

Image by Aaliyah Khan

Located in Baner, The Greedy Man Pizzeria serves a mean plate of French Fries. Topped with cheese sauce and jalapenos, you get a complete bite which is cheesy and spicy. Remember us when you’re licking your fingers while looking wistfully at your empty plate!

The Bombay Fries | Koregaon Park | Salunke Vihar | Karve Nagar | Viman Nagar

Image. by @munchymumbai

Freshly-made gourmet French Fries, The Bombay Fries has variety like none other! Their Fries’ menu is so huge that’s it’s really difficult for anyone to pick just one. Our current favourites are the Peri Peri Fries, The Nacho Fries and the Pizza Fries!

site rencontre kurde The Irish House | Viman Nagar


Located in Phoenix Marketcity, you really need to stop by at The Irish House for a bite. Their fries are absolutely LOADED. We especially love their Mac n Cheese fries alongside some brews!

here are the findings Elephant & Co.  image source |  conocer gente line Kalyani Nagar | Baner

Image by Pune Food Explorer

Bacon and Cheese Fries are here, peeps! Fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce and bits of Bacon will absolutely make the rainiest day into a sunny one! You can’t go wrong with these Fries, nor can you stop at just a single plate. So go there with an empty stomach, who’s going to gorge on those Fries if you feel stuffed?!

top article Mocha | Koregaon Park


All Poutine lovers, Mocha should be your mecca. For those who do not know what Poutine is, and no, it’s got nothing to do with Russia’s Putin (sorry), Poutine is a Canadian dish widely regarded as one of the best French Fries’ version. Poutine means French Fries, gravy, and cheese, and at Mocha, you can ask them to overload your plate with cheese. Yep, sounds perfect!

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