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7 Delicious Hot Chocolates in Pune to Warm you up this Winter!

Chilly Pune winters call for a piping hot mug of chocolate or cocoa. And although homemade hot chocolate is amazing, it just lacks that special little magic touch, you know?

Chilly Pune winters call for a piping hot mug of chocolate or cocoa. And although homemade hot chocolate is amazing, it just lacks that special little magic touch, you know?
With wintery nights upon us, you just can’t stay indoors if you’re craving a mug of hot chocolate. And why should you, when our city has so many amazing options? Some are simple, basic, just the perfect cup of hot chocolate, while some are fancy and extravagant, but who doesn’t love a little bit of grandeur in their life? So without further ado, here’s our list of seven amazing places in Pune which serve equally amazing Hot Chocolates.

Origin Bistro | Baner

Image by @happyyyolkes

A good, solid cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows topped with a dollop of whipped cream. This masks the taste of the bittersweet chocolate and leaves a perfect blend of chocolate and cream which can then soothe your chilly nerves. A must-try if you’re ever in that area.

L’Apicio | Aundh

Image by @lapicio_pune

If you want to experiment with your hot chocolate, L’Apicio is the place to be. Apart from their classic Hot Chocolate, they have a variation of hot chocolate called the Tsocolate. A popular Fillipino drink, the Tsocolate is peanut butter and hot chocolate fused together. And yes, it tastes as good as you can imagine.

Le Flamington | Kalyani Nagar

Image by @dumbbellsndrama

A place known for their doughnuts, Le Flamington also serves amazing hot chocolate. With a variety of hot chocolates differing from the variety of the chocolate used (intensity of chocolate) you can get hot chocolates ranging from 35% milk to 85% pure cocoa dark chocolate. They also sell their packaged hot chocolate powder.

The Flour Works | Kalyani Nagar | Salunke Vihar | Baner

Image by @aditi700

Renowned for their variations of hot chocolates, The Flour Works will not disappoint you if you want something different rather than the good ol’ hot chocolate. The Orange hot chocolate, and Rose Hot Chocolate are strong recommendations. Make sure to try out their spicy hot chocolate as well, and tell us how you liked it!

The French Window Patisserie | Koregaon Park

Image by @parijarege

The French Window Patisserie will spoil you with choices, that’s a guarantee. Go for their classic hot chocolate or choose from Belgian Dark, Caramel, or Orange Hot Chocolate, there’s something for every single hot chocolate fanatic. Leaving after just one hot and steamy mug will be impossible, take our word for it!

Where Else Diner | Viman Nagar

Image by @infinityxnhiatus

A cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows? Sounds heavenly. Where Else Diner offers exactly that and much more. You can choose the strength of your chocolate here, and for those who like White Chocolate, this place will definitely not disappoint you!

Pune Sugar Box | Mangaldas Road

Image by @misspunekar

Hot chocolate served with a generous topping of whipped cream awaits you at the Pune Sugar Box. Their three variations of hot chocolate- milk, dark, and mint- will tease and pacify your taste buds. For those who love Belgian hot chocolate, Pune Sugar Box is the go-to place for sure!
Ok, peeps, we’ve done our part in keeping you toasty this chilly winter in Pune. Don’t forget to tag us in your hot chocolate pictures
Feature image by @lapicio_pune

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