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This Advanced Photography Studio in Pune is Shoot Goals!

Why settle for decent when you can shoot at one of the best photography studios in Pune, right!

“Creativity isn’t just in the mind. It also needs the right space.”
Any photographer or videographer would agree with this. No matter the camera or the equipment, it takes the right place to get the perfect shot. While outdoor shoots are often a matter of making the best of whatever you have, indoor shoots do require a fairly decent studio.
But why settle for decent when you can shoot at one of the best photography studios in Pune? That’s right!
RGB Studios, located at DEF Center (Mangaldas Road), a beautiful and warm co-working space started by brothers Sagar and Vishal Agarwal, has opened its doors to photographers and clients looking out for a photography studio on rental basis for their shoots.
RGB Studios hits all the right notes with the kind of possibilities it has come up with for photographers. Equipped with a CYClorama wall, you have an ideal set-up for pulling off spectacular product, interview, and fashion shoots. They have all the advanced lighting equipment one could possibly ask for in the course of shooting the perfectly lit photo or video.
Other sweet little big things that RGB Studios does to make its clients’ lives easier include:

  • Air conditioned, best in class studio and center services
  • Ground floor access with visitors’ parking; makes it super easy and convenient for the crew.
  • Makeup desk and changing room with a washroom within the studio area
  • Advanced photography equipment is available at the studio for rent
  • Artist Management services – makeup artists, models and photographers can be arranged to transform your shoot idea into a reality
  • Shoot/Studio assistants to help you set up the show
  • And to sweeten this prospect, RGB Studios is open 24×7- you can book a shoot for whatever time suits you the best!

Need to shoot regularly? RGB Studios has a Studio Partner Program!
For people who need to shoot something every now and then, RGB Studios has a Studio Partner Program wherein you can book the studio for five shoots in advance. The value they add in here is by giving attractive deals to bring down your shoot spends. This is especially helpful for people who have a recurring shoot requirement – just sign up for this and schedule a shoot as per your convenience.
Now, the best part – their pricing!
The most important part of pulling off a shoot is managing the spends. And that’s the easiest part about RGB Studios – they offer all these services in fares starting at INR 2000 for four hours.
Sounds too good to be true, right?
If you are looking to try out their space for a shoot, simply call them on 084892-28851/9860851188, or turn up at their office next to BMW Bikes, near Conrad Hotel on Mangaldas Road, Bund Garden. You can also reach out to them on their Facebook and Instagram handles.

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