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Pune's Bohri Ali – A Mecca for DIY Lovers

In the heart of Pune, the seven Peths provide nutrition the same way arteries and veins do. Pumping economic, cultural, and historical significance, these Peths have seen and stood by our city throughout ages. Hidden in the by-lanes of Ravivar Peth sits Bohri Ali!

In the heart of Pune, the seven Peths provide nutrition the same way arteries and veins do; pumping economic, cultural, and historical significance into the city. These Peths have seen it all and stood by Pune city throughout ages. Hidden in the by-lanes of Ravivar Peth sits Bohri Ali– a sprawl of various shops that have been active for at least a century.
Navigating through Bohri Ali is a task in itself; the winding narrow lanes seem unable to let anyone enter or leave. History stays intact here, so does the efficiency and the quality of the shops operating here.

Image by Umang Shah

The bustling market was conducted mostly by the Bohri caste in the earlier days of its origin, now, not so much. Ever since the 18th century, Bohri Ali has got the reputation of being one of the busiest and most colourful places in all of Maharashtra, and a walk through it will tell you why.
Image by @saranganoo

A one-stop for your DIY needs, Bohri Ali is a complete place for antiques, painting, hardware and home décor supplies. However,  it is most popularly known for its painting supplies, catering to the entire city single handedly. Sold at wholesale rates, Bohri Ali should be your top priority if you want to stock up on paint supplies.
The shops scattered throughout the area have been managed by the same families, with some being operated by the fifth or even the sixth generation. Starting from INR 250, industrial as well as artist paints, kits, papers, and spray painting devices can all be procured here. Bohri Ali also has a tremendous scope for elevating the graffiti art scene in Pune.
Image by Veda Pathak

The locality is also renowned for decorative and festive lights. That’s not all, Chinese lanterns, Diwali ‘akash kandils’, slam ‘diyas’ are all sold here. Apart from that, garden supplies are also tremendously popular in Bohri Ali. The AV Garden tools is a 70-year-old store which sells almost everything you could need for gardening. From water cans to decorative pebbles for your tiny pond, exotic plants as well as fertile, high quality soil is also sold here.
Apart from that, Bohri Ali is also an excellent option for stationery needs. High quality canvases, paints, envelopes, boxes, and gifting bags are sold here. Engineering kits, sequins, glitters, sparkles, and ribbons are also easily found in all their shops.
Image by @slabtravelmemoirs

All in all, Bohri Ali can be an impressive place if you are a fan of hunting for what you want and exploring new places. However, if you’re not up for navigating through the narrow lanes during summer or monsoon, Bohri Ali also has its very own website. Three young men from a family who own a paint shop decided to start their own e-commerce website, where you can browse for products and order them and they are delivered to your doorstep like any other online market!

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