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British Council Library – Pune’s Powerhouse of Knowledge

Pune boasts of several amazing libraries, reading halls, and groups, however, none are on par with one name- British Council Library.

Renowned colleges, excellent teachers, high passing rate and flourishing career opportunities- there’s a reason why Pune is called the Oxford of the East. Our University is widely regarded as one of the best in the country, and the ex-alumni of all the colleges account for the reputation of our city.
We have always been a knowledge- and education-based city. The attention has always been focused on getting the maximum potential out of every student. Pune boasts of several amazing libraries, reading halls, and groups, however, none are on par with one name- British Council Library.

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Most of us already know that BCL is on FC Road. However, not many of us know about their new cultural center and library which has opened in Shivajinagar in 2017. The new centre and library are spread across 5000 sq ft, and house the library, a young learner’s zone, cultural space for programmes, and a café! The space can be used as a fully functional co-learning space.
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The new library features over 10,000 books, DVDs, popular UK magazines and newspapers, and 1,15,000 e-books and journals. It aims to cement UK-India relations through the art of storytelling. The library has been revamped to offer digital, and not just paper sources to young and savvy readers.
In the age of the Internet, it’s a move which shall encourage more readers to embrace the ideas of libraries, and not just kindles. The center’s members will have access to BCL’s online resources which include thousands of international newspapers and magazines, movies, software training, comics, audio books and academic journals.
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Just like the original BCL on FC Road, this center also features programmes like film screenings, workshops, and reading recommendations for young readers.
Furthermore, new initiatives focused on younger and newer generations of Punekars will also be started in the upcoming days. Pre-existing BCL members will have their membership automatically transferred to this new center and library. Their online catalogue also boasts of a huge collection of books which can aid students especially when it comes to preparing for competitive examinations.
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Apart from that, BCL is also renowned for their world class teaching methodology of the English language. Their online English courses for adult readers across the country are key highlights of BCL. With live and interactive courses and classes, BCL helps the user to improve their fluency, accuracy, and confidence in English.
Make sure you check their website for more information regarding several courses and career opportunities with BCL. A fine-tuned knowledge machine which serves everyone, BCL truly is a gem for Pune!
Address: British Council, Ramsukh House 3rd Floor, Ganeshkhind Road, Near Sancheti Hospital, Shivajinagar, Pune-411 005
Feature image by @vidya_vee via Instagram

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