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7 Perfect Winter Getaways near Pune

Pune peeps, it’s time you started planning your chilly winter getaways, finally! And for that, we have a list (obviously). So take a seat and check it out!

Pune peeps, it’s time you started planning your chilly winter getaways, finally! And for that, we have a list (obviously). So take a seat and check it out!

Kaas Plateau

Image by Ashutosh Borate

November being the last month to see the blooming flowers on this plateau, it’s an ideal time to explore Pune’s outskirts, and then eventually set foot on this colorful plateau. This plateau begs to be photographed, so of course, take your cameras and make sure to click plenty photos when you’re there!


Image by Kausani Dey

Located around 60 kilometers from Pune, Pawna lake is one of the closest and most pristine getaways near Pune. A mere two-hour drive should be enough for you to reach the bed of this lake where you can set up camp. Winter mornings while gazing at the serene Pawna lake will detox all your city problems; there are also a lot of other activities around Pawna which you can partake in!


Image by Raj Chauhan

50 kilometers from Pune and a 90-minute drive is more than enough to take you to another popular hill station near Pune–Kamshet. A tiny village as well as hill station which is at an elevation of 5500 ft. above sea level, Kamshet is an excellent option to escape the monotonous city life. Winters here are super chilly, making it one of the best spots for family or romantic vacations.


Image by Makksim Mehedi

A winter trek should be at the top of your list, and if it is, then look no further! Rajmachi trek offers you the best view along with a cup of chaha right at the top; foggy and dew-clad mornings would be the cherry on the cake! A mere 80 kilometers from Pune, it can be easily done over a weekend.

Tikona Fort

Image by Samarth Joshi

Renowned amidst photographers and trekking enthusiasts, Tikona fort is located approximately 60 km from Pune. Apart from its intriguing history, the view from the top is another inviting thing about this place. Make sure to pack your cameras and trekking equipment when you set out for Tikona!


Image by Sanved Mhatre

If you need to make plans for an extended weekend, worry not, just explore Tapola, a tiny lakeside town which is located 150 km from Pune. Boating activities, lake walks, nature trails and other activities would entertain you if you are planning to detox yourself off technology. A few surrounding forts should also do the trick if you’re planning to head to Tapola.


Image by Rosh Roy

What else can be said about this beloved cozy hill station? Roughly 65 kilometers from Pune, Lonavala is vastly popular for its scenic views and mist-soaked landscapes. Start your mornings with a steaming cup of chaha here, and end your day with a cup of hot chocolate; everything in between is up to your imagination at this beautiful hill station. A few adrenaline-filled activities are enticing for the brave and risky among us!
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Feature image by Raj Chauhan aka @thevodun via Instagram