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7 Places that Serve Delicious Pohe in Pune!

Here are seven amazing Kanda-Pohe spots in the city. Get in your ride and have a plate, quick!

Who doesn’t love Kanda Pohe?! This simple recipe is prepared in different ways all across the country, but our Punekars version of ‘Kanda Pohe’ is simply unbeatable. Loads of onion, peanuts, kothimbir, and khobra; our Pohe are to die for!
Also, the best part about a dish of Kanda Pohe is that it’s utterly complete in its own way. You can literally have it as a meal or snack, it’s guaranteed to leave you with a wholesome-burpy feeling. So when in Pune, do it like the Punekars do. Or eat like the Puneakrs do, to be precise. Here are seven amazing Kanda-Pohe spots in Pune. Get in your ride and have a plate, quick!
Amruteshwar, Nal Stop

Image by Aakash Kamble

A one-stop spot for pohe, upma, idli, or chaha, at 4 am, Amruteshwar is renowned among the Kothrud and Karve Nagar residents. Soft, fluffy pohe with green chutney or sambar, it can’t get any better than Amruteshwar!
Sushil Pohe & Misal, Lal Bahadur Shastri Road
Image by Kapil Kumawat

Popular among its patrons for ‘pohe and sample’, Sushil Pohe & Misal knows how to serve a near-perfect dish of Pohe. Extremely crowded during the early morning hours, it’s recommended that you go early or take some time off from your schedule if you want to enjoy their Pohe plate at your leisure.
Bipin Snacks, Abasaheb Garware College
Image by Ashwin Gandhi

Bipin is famous for its Sabudana Khichadi, but their Pohe are just as amazing! Another precious road-side eatery in Pune, Bipin is jam-packed during breakfast hours and you might have to wait a while for your plate. However, the wait is definitely worth it, we assure you.
Hotel Tilak, Tilak Road
Another famous eatery in Pune, Tilak’s Pohe, and cutting chaha are a treat for your taste buds. As a former student of SP College, I can promise you that Tilak’s pohe are amazing. Go with a relatively empty stomach, you won’t be able to leave without having at least two plates!
Shri Krishna Bhuvan, Budhwar Peth
A beloved and popular name among Misal fanatics in our city, Shri Krushna Bhuvan is almost a heritage food eatery of our city. Their Pohe topped with ‘zero number chi shev’ is something I personally swear by. Also, if you’re in a mind to be a little brave that morning, go for their Misal too. It’s spicy, to say the least.
Indore Foods, Erandwane
Image by punefoodiestable

Indori Pohe is a dish which is fast gripping our city. After trying a single plate, I was left absolutely astounded, I had to go for another one. For those who have tried Indori Pohe, their Pohe are pretty authentic. For those who haven’t yet, Indore Foods is a perfect place to start!
Damodar P30, Bibvewadi
Image by Damodar P30

This unique restaurant in Bibvewadi is giving traditional food dishes their very own twist. Coupled with interesting décor and a chill seating arrangement, having a plate of Pohe at Damodar P30 makes for a delicious experience which you can’t afford to miss!
So, which is your go-to joint for some delicious kanda pohe, Pune?
Featured image by @misspunekar via Instagram