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7 Mouth-Watering Pav Bhajis in Pune!

Got you craving for it now, haven’t I? To make matters more delicious, here’s a list of the best Pav Bhajis in town. Hit up one of these names in Pune and sort them cravings out! 

Very few things in life give as much pleasure as eating a hot plate of Pav Bhaji, no? The smell of Amul butter, the golden potates and green peas mashed together into a perfect blend of delicious ‘bhaji’… irreplaceable! Got you craving for it now, haven’t I? To make matters more delicious, here’s a list of the best Pav Bhajis in town. Hit up one of these places in Pune and sort them cravings out! 

Supreme Corner | JM Road

Image by Supreme Corner

An absolute favorite among most locals, Supreme Corner is known to serve one of the best Pav Bhajis in town. The Bhaji has a slight crispy edge to it, which trust me, just makes it so much better. The golden toasted Pav just makes the entire meal memorable! Goes without saying that you shouldn’t miss their Pizza and Tawa Pulav either!

Kirti Fruit Juice Center | FC Road

Image by pune__shoutout

One of the most popular Pav Bhaji joints on FC road, you’re usually served spicy Bhaji, unless asked for otherwise. Their kids’ special Pav Bhaji is called “Munna Pav Bhaji” and is much less spicy, but equally loaded with butter. Try their Tawa Pulav while you’re here!

Relax | Sahakar Nagar

Image by Medha Kulkarni

Arguably one of the spiciest Pav Bhajis in town, Relax is known for their thick milkshakes and buttery Pav Bhajis. The place is crowded almost every day, and taking a spoonful of their Bhaji is enough to tell us why! Definitely a must-visit!

Girija Juice Bar | Sinhagad Road

Image. by Sandeep Jiya

One of the most famous Pav Bhaji names in the city, Girija Juice Bar is known for their buttery Pav along with their Bhajis. Legend says that you just can’t have just one ‘jodi’ of Pav and leave! Also a must try- their Masala Pav!

A-ju-ba | Karve Nagar (Earlier known as Anand Juice Bar)

Rich, spicy, buttery, and cheap, A-ju-ba’s regulars claim that this is the best Pav Bhaji in town and they just might be right. The amount of crowd and the waiting time are proof of their bold claim! Make sure you order extra butter with your Bhaji!

Samudra | Karve Nagar

Image by Javed Auti

A favourite among the Karve Nagar residents for their amazing breakfast dishes, not too many actually acknowledge how good their Pav Bhaji really is! Their Samudra Special Pav Bhaji comes loaded with butter and it actually tastes a lot like the Mumbai chowpatty Pav Bhaji!

Pruthvi Veg | Dahanukar Colony

Image by foodis353

I had the pleasure of trying their Pav Bhaji this week and it’s safe to say that I was absolutely astounded. You enter the place and all it smells of is Pav Bhaji; that is not to say that their other food dishes are any less tasty! Dinner time can be pretty crowded, so reserve a table!
You must tell us, did your go-to Pav Bhaji place in Pune make the list?