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6 Really Wacky Desserts in Pune

Pune has always done desserts right! With so many new places levelling up the dessert game, here are some really wacky desserts to try in the city! So good!

Pune has always done desserts justice- remember Chitale, Dinshaw’s, Kaware, Khatri Bandhu? They spoiled us for choices! These days, some dessert houses have seriously levelled up the game. No longer do we have to drool over dessert videos on Facebook, those treats are right here in our city. From freakshakes, to black ice cream, to waffles and cheesecakes, you name it, we have it! This list is to help you plan your next dessert hunt, don’t worry we won’t disappoint you. Check the following names out and get, set, go!
Gajar Halwa Ice Cream @ Creaminal Treats, Baner

Image by Payal Dalwani

Yes, you read that right! Why decide between two favorite desserts now that you can have them both at the same time? Creaminal Treats in Baner makes this ice cream right in front of your eyes and they garnish it with raisins and cashews! A proper creamy treat for dessert fanatics indeed!
Bubble Waffles @ Bubble Bee, Aundh
Image by Niyati P

A tower of shake in a jar adorned with oreos, kit kat, sprinkles, bubble waffles, and chocolate sauce. Sounds magnificent, no? This beast is enough to knock you out and wake you up! Take along your date or your friends or go alone; beat your own dessert record!
Carbon Black Ice Cream @ Icekraft, Bibvewadi and FC Road
Image by Trishala Sharma

India’s first Carbon Black Ice cream was started by Icekraft, a dessert chain which serves delicious and extremely affordable desserts. For those who like paan ice cream, they have that as well. Just go wild with the choices they offer!
Jenga Churros @ Dinshaws Xpress Café, Koregaon Park
Image by Maneet Sikka

One of Pune’s oldest dessert names is out with their very own café now and their menu certainly doesn’t disappoint. Jenga Churros is basically churros stacked on top of each other and finished off with a scoop of chocolate sauce and ice cream. Sounds simple and tastes heavenly!
Mava Jalebi @ Indore Jalebi, Camp
Jalebis are always a hit, and Mava Jalebi at Indore Jalebi are to simply to die for. Fat, syrupy jalebis on a paper plate on a cold wintery morning, you get what we’re saying now? One of the cheapest and delicious dessert options in our city right now, Mava Jalebis are something you legit need to try!
Nutella/Gulkand Kheer @ La Kheer Deli, Aundh (only on weekends)
Image by @veggie_pune

Kheer is a dose of nostalgia in its own self. A bowl of chilled kheer topped with cashews takes us back to our childhood, and La Kheer Deli is adamant on bringing this very childhood back. Nutella and Gulkand flavored Kheers are a big hit among Aundh residents, and after tasting a spoonful, I’m not at all surprised. Rich, flavorful, and surprisingly filling, La Kheer Deli has got it just right!
So what’s your favourite wacky dessert in Pune? Let us know!