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6 Really Cool Tattoo Studios & Artists in Pune

If you need a place to start, worry not, we got your back as well! Check out these names in the list and hit up any of them for absolutely amazing tattoos in Pune.

Pune’s tattoo scene has come a long way. I remember getting my tattoo back in 2007, it was quite expensive and it also took a long time to get it done. However, these days, tattoos are relatively cheaper and less painful to get as well. Our city’s tattoo artists have refined their skills and are impressing everyone with their gorgeous tattoos.
I know a lot of you have considered getting a tattoo at some point or the other. I assure you that it’s more than worth it; an experience which will stay with you throughout your life, literally. And if you need a place to start, worry not, we got your back as well! Check out these names in the list and hit up any of them for absolutely amazing tattoos in Pune.
Sabbys Tattoo Studio

Sabby’s work on Dr. Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick

One of the best names in the list because of their quality tattoos for extremely affordable rates. The equipment used is top notch and safe for your skin. His studios are located in Koregaon Park, FC Road and MG Road.
Siddhant Nigam of Inkarnation Tattoo Studio
A custom design by Siddhant

A favorite name among the city’s tattoo fanatics, Siddhant Nigam brings a lot of experience and with it, some serious skill. His tattoos will definitely surpass your expectations. To book your session, you can click on the name above the image and contact him on Facebook!
Kraayonz Tattoo Studio
By Aakash at Kraayonz

Located in Koregaon Park, Kraayonz Tattoo Studio is another popular name in the list. Kraayonz specializes in wrist, elbow and face tattoos, something few tattoo artists can boast of. Very affordable prices and entirely safe; two things which should definitely catch your attention.
Inkalab Tattoo Studio
Image by Inkalab on Facebook

Another good tattoo shop in Koregaon Park, Inkalab Tattoo Studio prides on walking hand in hand with the client’s requirements, thus making the tattoo experience extremely safe and comforting for tattoo virgins. They have a team of skilled tattoo artists who can cater to all your tattooing needs. Here’s a beautiful example on a simple design made to look beautiful!
Inksignia Tattoo Studio
Image by Inksignia on Facebook

Considered to be one of the top tattoo artists in Pune, his tattoo shop in Wanowrie gets a lot of new names as well as the regulars. A tattoo specialist shop which focuses on safety and making the experience as painless as possible, Inksignia Tattoo Shop is that one place you legit need to consider when you’re getting a tattoo.
Deekays Iron Hand Tattoo
Image by Deekay on Facebook

Fondly known as ‘Deekay’, the owner has a very strong reputation and his portfolio actually backs it up. Operating with a few other talented tattoo artists, this tattoo shop is located in Pimple Saudagar. Make sure you check them out when you are considering your tattoo ideas.
Happy tattooing, Punekars!

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