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6 Foreigners Talk About Their First Impression of Pune

These six people gave me an excellent insight into the first impression of Pune; there’s a lot to rediscover and revisit in our city. Check it out!

We all know the importance of traveling; we all know why we travel when we do. It’s how we connect with the rest of the world and its people. Being Punekars, we know our city inside-out. We have seen all it has to offer and because it’s our home, we sometimes take its beauty and simplicity for granted.
A few days ago, I had the privilege of communicating with six AIESEC members from six different countries. For those who don’t know, AIESEC is a student organization and as a part of their cultural exchange projects, students can travel and undertake volunteering projects in other countries. These six people gave me an excellent insight into the first impression of Pune; there’s a lot to rediscover and revisit in our city. Check it out!

Image by Satej aka @travexplore_nazaresatej

Lisa, Portugal “The weather caught my attention first, it’s very beautiful and serene. Not too hot- I thought it would be. A little bit crowded, but we were told India would be crowded and chaotic. It’s not a bad thing, so many different people and flavors, it really is a melting pot of culture!”
Image by Sachin Handal aka @nondslr_boy_

Mauricio, Brazil “Pune is a lot like Rio. So many colors, it feels like I’m attending a carnival. I saw a lot of eateries on the way from the airport and I can’t wait to try all of them! Also, how do you guys drive so fast on such narrow roads?!”
Atif, Pakistan “It’s literally like any other city in Pakistan, the similarities are astonishing. I can even communicate with almost everyone here so it feels good. Pune reminds me of Karachi, with all the book stores and students. I’ve been told to explore a local market (Mandai) and I can’t wait to check it out!”
Image by @nikonwali_

Selena, Romania “It’s definitely not as hot as I was expecting. I like the tiny three wheel cars (auto-rickshaws) and I want to ride in one. It’s a very green city, the drive back from airport was through the outskirts, it was raining and it looked very beautiful. Tomorrow, I want to see the old temples and other architecture. They looked very nice on Google!”
Jacob, Ireland “The monsoon here gave me such a nostalgic kick, it was like I hadn’t left Belfast. The city has a very distinct smell, like the Little India street in our city. It smells of spices, smoke, and something very mysterious and I already feel like I’m in some grand movie now!”
Image by Anurag Singh aka @thedailypixels

Anna, Russia –“I already saw so many students on the way here, I’m excited to talk to people. Everyone is kind and helpful, but they also stare at us. In Russia, everyone will invite you for drinks, I’m glad it’s something different here. I love the tea here, I haven’t had milk tea before and I’m going to drink it again tomorrow.”
We’re immensely glad that Pune is so welcoming to people from all parts of the country and world! 
Feature image by Hitesh Vaishnav sourced via Instagram

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