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10 Senior Beagles Used for Pharmaceutical Testing in Pune Finally Taste Freedom!

RESQ Charitable Trust facilitates the release and adoption of ten senior beagles from a pharmaceutical/toxicology laboratory in Pune.

RESQ Charitable Trust facilitates the release and adoption of ten senior beagles from a pharmaceutical/toxicology laboratory in Pune.
Laboratory-released beagles are dogs who have spent their entire lives as test subjects in laboratories. Beagles are often the dog of choice as they are small, easy to handle, ​and trusting to a fault. ​Lab-tested Beagles have never felt the warm sun on their skin, or fresh grass beneath their paws. Quite simply, they have never known what it is to be loved.

ResQ Core team with the Super Beagles

While it was once the norm for laboratories to euthanise these dogs when they outlived their usefulness, in 2016, a change in Indian law mandated the surrender of lab-tested Beagles to the care of local NGOs at the end of their research cycle.
On August 10, RESQ Charitable Trust transported ten such Beagles from a research testing laboratory to the RESQ Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre in Bavdhan, where they intend to rehabilitate and introduce them to basic behavioural training.​
​Following this, they will facilitate the adoption of these #SuperBeagles (each beagle has been named after a superhero) and help them transition from research subjects to companion animals. Because ​they have done this before​ (RESQ successfully rehabilitated and rehomed 21 Beagles in February 2017), they are well aware of the challenges that await them.
“It’s difficult enough to get a healthy Pedigree adopted today, let alone a dog that has never even stepped foot in a house before,” says Neha Panchamiya, Founder/President of RESQ Charitable Trust. “These beagles are no different from any other dog, and they deserve the chance to embrace a world of freedom, family and love.”
The Beagles with ResQ Vets

ResQ Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick street animals, conducting awareness and education programs that focus on reducing human-animal conflict, and raising street animal healthcare standards in Pune, India. The organisation provides free medical care and rehabilitation to various homeless animals in need, including dogs, cats,​ ​cows, buffaloes, horses, donkeys, birds, pigs, goats, elephants, etc. Currently, it runs a Charitable Veterinary Hospital in Bavdhan with 250+ recovery units for small and large animals in need of intensive medical care, and operates within the boundaries of PMC and Lonavala. For more information about RESQ, please visit ​

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