7 Types of Punekars at a Wedding

“Chal na jeun gheu”


My favorite thing about attending weddings (apart from the food) is observing people. I mean Indian weddings, Puneri weddings, are something to experience. You’ll find every single ‘breed’of typical Punekars- ranging from overly emotional, to completely withdrawn and lost.

Also, weddings are the perfect occasions for meeting your entire extended family. NRI cousins, teenage sisters, orthodox old uncles, you meet them all. If you’re attending a friend’s wedding, it’s even better! Since you don’t have to interact with a lot of the family members, you can have the best time of your life while observing certain hilarious characters in the wedding hall. These seven Punekars are my absolute favorite!


http://de-visu.fr/escitalopram The emotional ones – Most common; usually our mothers or aunts, they cry at the slightest emotional trigger. They’re constantly overwhelmed by the ‘sakharpuda’ or the actual wedding ceremony.

Pune Clicking Here The hungry ones – “Chal na jeun gheu. For them, the only important part of the wedding is the food, and they’ll be the ones to sit for the first pangat. Also, they’ll be on the lookout for the pedha and http://www.mylifept.com/?refriwerator=zoomtrader&65d=2c will take more than one.

dating site okc The ones who want to meet everyone – My least favorite, to be honest. Sometimes, you’re just praying that your distant aunt or uncle doesn’t come up to you and ask about your life. Or the most dreaded question –“Kay mag, tu kadhi lagna kartoes?”

review The ones who can’t wait to dance –They’ll start by jogging even in the wedding hall, literally that excited. The ones who dance till the last minute of the varaat, even the horse gives an exasperated sigh while watching them. The life of the wedding party.

diagnosis code for pregnancy dating The dissatisfied ones – Often, the older generations who frown when even the smallest thing drifts from the traditions. They want a specific kind of wedding ceremony, specific food dishes, specific people, and while a lot of them won’t speak out their complaints, their irritation is visible on their faces.

stromectol tab price The ‘stage’ people –I could never understand these bunch of Punekars, to be honest. They cannot wait to go on the stage and get their photos clicked. They are mostly concerned with the photos, and their selfies. Will also be visible in almost every single frame of the wedding video.

The disappearing acts –Mostly the younger generation, or even the bored uncles. They’ll often disappear and come back; you wouldn’t even realise that they’ve gone.  Often a handy solution if you need something urgently for the wedding ceremony, they’ll head out and get it for you. Very useful, very funny, and very mysterious. Sort of.

So, which type are you?