7 Hidden Wonders of Vaishali


If we sit down to make a list of the most frequently visited restaurants in Pune, Vaishali would top the charts. For Punekars across the city, regardless of what age they are, Vaishali is like home. Family get-togethers, meetings with clients, hanging out with friends or even dates… everything can be planned at Vaishali!

However, while the SPDP, Mysore Cheese Masala Dosa, Uttappa, Idli Sambar, Filter Coffee and other South Indian dishes play favourites among the regulars, what else does Vaishali that we just love? Here are seven equally delicious dishes!

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You can differentiate Punekars from non-Punekars when a customer asks for a menu card in Vaishali. The Puneri clans have been here since eternity and know their favourites from the menu in and out. However, try calling for the menu this time and you’ll find out that the same restaurant also serves one of Pune’s favourite dishes: dahi wada. The sweet dahi and wada go wonderfully with the tinge of masala and kothimbir, giving it a sweet and spicy flavour!

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Vaishali Pune
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Although not as lesser-known as most dishes mentioned in the list, it is definitely a must-have. In a group of regulars, there will always be one person who will order it. The cutlet is relatively light despite being fried and amazingly tasty! It is served with chopped onions, green chutney and tomato sauce.

YOURURL.com Sandwiches

Vaishali Pune
Image by Shruti Mishra

Despite being a not-so-regularly-ordered item in the menu, the taste of their Sandwiches is never compromised on. If you’re in a group and planning to share a dish, I recommend the Club Sandwich and Cheese Chilli Toast. There are other options in sandwiches and toasts, like Chutney Sandwich and Jam Toast Sandwich too, but the Club sandwich and Chilli toast are a class apart!

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Image by Anandi Basu

We were amazed by the quality of the pizza! It tasted as if made at home with tomato, onion, capsicum and lots of cheese. Slurrp!

top article Tomato Omelette with Cheese

Although it looks like an omelette stuffed with egg, remember, dista tasa nasta. It contains no eggs; instead the cooks use chickpea flour or besan along with tomatoes and gooey cheese. Absolutely yummy!

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When in Vaishali, do as the Vaishalians do! Say no to soft drinks and yes to juices and milkshakes. Again, the quality is beyond par and you can gulp down the drink in just one sip! Mango Milkshake and Mosambi Juice are hands down the best that you can have here! Also try the Mango Lassi, Cold Bournvita or Cold Horlicks to relive your childhood days.

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Desserts are always the best way to conclude your meal. There have been only two instances out of my numerous visits to Vaishali when Sandwich Ice cream was available but I still ask for it each time I visit. Reason: it is simply delicious! Vanilla ice cream placed between chocolate biscuits… oh, thank your stars if it’s available!

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