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5 Reasons Why Savya Rasa Should be On Your List of Favourite Restaurants in Pune!

Savya Rasa is the one restaurant in Pune which breaks the stereotype with such culinary grace and authenticity, that you couldn’t help but keep going back for more, over and over again.

Most people from non-Southern states usually tend to associate South Indian food with the usual Idli, Dosa and Sambhar fare. Savya Rasa is the one restaurant in Pune which breaks the stereotype with such culinary grace and authenticity, that you can’t help but keep going back for more, over and over again. They’ve won numerous awards since their inception, including the Conde Nast Traveller Restaurant Award “Top 50 Restaurants in India, 2017″, and the “Best South Indian Restaurant in Pune, 2017”, by Times Food Awards.
Here’s why we think Savya Rasa should be on your regular must-visit list…
1. Authenticity

Savya Rasa Pune
Kuzhi Paniyaram

Having travelled across the South-Indian topography, while carefully selecting exquisite cuisines to feature on their menu, Savya Rasa’s cooks have been identified from quaint restaurants, shops and messes from across the region. Their authentic cuisines include Kongunadu, Chettinad, Malabar (Moplah), Nasrani (Syrian Christian), Mangaluru, Mysuru (hinterland Karnataka) and Nellore. Each dish and drink on their menu tells a unique story of authentic South-Indian spices and ingredients.
2. Food and Beverages
Ah, the aspects most important for a special culinary experience, and Savya Rasa wins hands down. Just going through their vast menu is like travelling from the northern border of Karnataka, all the way to the backwaters of Kerala. While it’s really impossible to pick our favourite dishes and drinks, you absolutely must give these dishes a go!

  • From the Malabar section, try the Sainu Thatha’s Kozhi Kebab, perfectly grilled Chicken skewers, flavoured with crushed pepper and coconut milk.
Sainu Thatha’s Kozhi Kebab
  • The Royyala Iguru from the Nellore Starters section, prawns marinated in a spicy paste with red chillies, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, onions and spices, fried to a beautiful golden-brown.
  • The Chutney Idli from the Mangaluru section- thin layers of Idli sandwiched with coriander and red chilli chutney- you’ll keep going for more!
Savya Gutti Venkaya Masala with Dibba Roti
  • For the main course, the must-haves are the Tamatar Guddu Pulusu (Nellore), a spicy egg preparation that goes best with steamed rice, the Gutti Vankaya Masala (Nellore), purple baby aubergines stuffed and cooked with dry roasted and powdered spices with a mild flavour of tamarind.
  • Try the Erachi Stew (Nasrani) – Mutton cooked in coconut milk, gently flavoured with black pepper and spices. Must have it with the Appam!
Erachi Stew
  • Do not miss the Malli Saadam, steamed rice pan-tossed with pastes of coriander, curry leaves, and green chillies, tempered with mustard seeds.
  • Their Appams are prepared in custom-made cast iron pans known as Appam Chatti and are delicious!
  • Don’t miss the Kongu Mutton Biryani from the Kongunadu region, specially made with succulent mutton pieces and seeraga samba rice, a specialty of the region. The Vetrilai Poondu Saadam is another Rice favourite- flavoured with betel leaves and fried garlic, a special secret recipe from the land of the Cheras!
Savya Rasa Pune
Vetrilai Poondu Saadam
  • From the drinks menu, you especially want to try some of the Savya Rasa specials! The Betel Sour, a unique concoction of Betel Leaves and Whisky with handpicked spices. Another must-have is their Karuvepillai Mojito– white rum, curry leaves and soda- so refreshing!

Betel Sour

3. Ambience

The ambience of Savya Rasa can be described as pure, understated luxury, with hints of South-Indian culture seeped into every square inch. The furniture, architectural elements, curated art and artefacts, all play a huge role in the overall authentic experience. Just walking through the entrance, you’ll notice a cove which is covered in a 200-year-old Kavadi. Once inside, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the Thol Bommalu, leather puppets from the Andhra region that recreate three scenes from the Ramayana. The décor sure is one of its kind in Pune.
Savya Rasa Pune
4. Service
The commendable service of Savya Rasa takes us on a cultural journey of South India like never before seen in Pune. The staff is thoroughly trained, guiding us through not only the fine menu, but an entire South-Indian experience. Every member of the staff is warm, extremely courteous and beautifully adds to an enriching visit. Kudos to them!
5. The Overall Culinary Experience
Savya Rasa Pune
The extremely deep-rooted South-Indian culture and history mirrors in their cuisine, and Savya Rasa captures every aspect to perfection, not only in their menu, but the overall meal experience. Head over for a meal this week and see for yourselves!
Savya Rasa is hosting a Karnataka Food Festival until July 29, and we strongly (and hungrily) suggest you try the special delicacies!
Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and follow along for food and festival updates!

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