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5 Reasons Why The Urban Foundry in Kalyani Nagar is so Spectacular!

With the absolutely incredible success of The Urban Foundry in Balewadi High Street, Pune, founders Sangram Shirole, Hrishikesh Shinde and Suryabhan Shinde, along with Meraki Hospitality, opened the doors to its second outpost in Kalyani Nagar a couple of weeks ago and we’re going bonkers over how spectacular the new joint is!

With the absolutely incredible success of The Urban Foundry in Balewadi High Street, Pune, founders Sangram Shirole, Hrishikesh Shinde and Suryabhan Shinde, along with Meraki Hospitality, opened the doors to its second outpost in Kalyani Nagar a couple of weeks ago and we’re going bonkers over how spectacular the new joint is!
Situated in Cerebrum IT Park, the new spot is way more awesome than anyone could hope for! An ALL-DAY Bar and Eatery, The Urban Foundry has this incredible  industrial theme mixed with some really cool Puneri vibes, the result being a homely joint housing one of the most extraordinary menus we’ve come across! Here’s five reasons why this place should be on your top regular hang-out spots in Pune…
1. The Heady Cocktails!

Pune Urban Foundry
Smoked New York Sour

The minute you set your eyes on their drinks menu, you know you’re about to have one of the most awesome experiences; literally each and every cocktail is an unusual concoction and it’s a task just to pick and choose because there’s so many heady ones in the list! So, here’s helping you out a little- our special picks are:

  • The First Man– A delicious mix of White Rum, Tropical Juices and Caramel, taking you straight to an exotic location with the first sip itself!
  • Knuckle Up– Not in a million years did we think that a combination of Vodka, Lemongrass, Pomegranate and Lime would taste so good! The knuckle-duster-shaped tumbler makes it even cooler!
Knuckle Up
  • Vanilla Sky – Bet you’ve never seen a combo like this one- Vanilla Vodka, Elderflower, Cucumber, Lime and Ginger Ale- what a delightful beverage and so refreshing!
  • Baajirao Mashtani – Our number one personal favourite because just look at this mixture! Vanilla Vodka, Peach along with Pune’s traditional Mango Mastani- what a twist!
  • Thai Mojit–A–Rita – Have you ever been confused about which one to order, a Mojito or a Margarita? Here’s to our second personal favourite, a mix between the two drinks! Insanely delicious!
Pune Urban Foundry
Black is Black
  • Black is Black – Probably the most unusual of them all, this one’s a concoction of Beefeater, activated Charcoal, Coconut Water and Jasmine along with a Sweet n Sour mix. The drink is served with a huge ball of ice in a very classy tumbler and it’s for sure the new black!
  • The Thyway and the जापानी Cans – Both from under the Do The Can Can list, the Thyway is a mix of House Whisky, Ginger, Lychee and Chili whereas the जापानी Can is House Gin, Yuzu, Apple Vodka, Coriander, Mint and Apple Juice. While both are pretty amazing, we personally loved the latter!

2. The Fantastic Food!
As if we weren’t already floored by the Balewadi menu, the food menu here takes it a notch higher! Delicious and completely unpretentious comfort food inspired by India and lands far away but brought close to home with a twist of local flavours. Here’s the best of the delectable lot!

Peri Peri Chana Chor

  • Kick off your drinks with some Chakna served in a very quirky way. We had the Peri Peri Chana Chor and the Chana Garlic Fry with our drinks and they both made for the perfect alcohol partners in crime. Just the right amount of spicy with the chilled drinks!
  • Next came some mouthwatering dishes from the छोटे Gear section of the menu. We couldn’t get enough of the Edamame की भेल and the Spinach Cheese पॉप्स. You also must eat the Veg and Prawn Gold Coins, the Asian Patrani Murg (so good!), the Tandoori Momos Murghwala (do not miss these!) and the Paneer Makrana.
Pune Urban Foundry
Tandoori Momos Murghwala
  • Just like us, if you’re a huge Dumplings fan, you’ll probably want to order the entire list of the Dumplings menu here! Our bunch sure ate up the whole group of delicious dumplings- Magik Mushroom, Kheema Ghotala and the कालीमिर्च Chicken Dumpling were unbelievably amazing and packed with steam!
Truffled Chicken Tandoor Sushi Roll
  • Here’s our particularly favourite part about the new place’s menu- THEY HAVE SUSHI! And here’s a first, one of them is the Truffled Chicken Tandoor Sushi Roll and it’s out of this world! Other must-try rolls are the Spicy Tuna Roll, Prawn Madness Roll, Cheesy Corn Roll and the Dynamite Lobster Roll… none of them disappoint! A special mention goes to their Sushi chef for the way the rolls are masterfully packed, just brilliant!
Tuna & Truffle Japanese Pizza
  • Another section of the menu that we found really cool is their जापानी 6” Pizzas! Instead of thick Italian bread as a crust, these guys gave it a healthy twist with Khakhra. We tried the Tuna and Truffle Pizza and it’s the most creative dish we’ve eaten in a while!


Then came the Large फाउंड्री Thermodynamics, which, if you haven’t already guessed, is their Main Course section. The must-stuff-your-faces dishes here are the Dal Makhni – Chura पराठा, the डालबाटी Khowsuey, the दक्षिण Canara Ghee Roast Chicken with Roti, Naan or Rice, मालवण चे कालवन with Rice and the चूज़ामक्खनwala.
Pune Urban Foundry
Dabba Gosht

  • We’ve had some of the most delicious desserts here! Make sure you leave some space for this epic list of शुगर Casting– फ्रोज़न Gajar Halwaa, JD Caramel Custard, The Foundry Cheesecake (oh Boy, so good!), and the Motichoor Sushi! Yep, we’ve never heard of that one before either!
Motichoor Sushi
  • If you’re looking for some light sweet stuff, then the Indori Shakenjee and the दूध Coldrink are both highly recommended; neither too sweet nor heavy on the stomach!

3. The Stunning Ambience!
The minute you walk into this place, the friendly and cozy vibes will make you feel warm and comfortable, easing your mind and gearing it up for a super fun and memorable experience.
The first thing we noticed was the massive bar and serving counter filled with really cool knick-knacks and a huge array of draft taps and liquor bottles. Independent as well as community tables are tastefully set for intimate settings or large groups. But the coolest part comes when you notice hidden gems like होऊ दे खर्च and such sprawled across spaces, giving us some very Puneri feels! Even their coasters have quirky designs and quotes on them!
There’s a stage area for the DJ and live bands performing every week.
The walls, lights, cutlery, comfortable furniture etc., are all designed as part of the industrial theme we now know so well and fell in love with!
4. The Remarkable Staff and Service
Pune Urban Foundry
We’ve now been there more than a couple of times, have observed the staff, met with the chefs and managers, and we have to say, each and every member of the Urban Foundry are courteous, knowledgeable, quick on their feet and friendly. A major kudos to everyone who’s a part of making this place a massive success!
5. The Legendary Foundry Vibes
The Urban Foundry, Kalyani Nagar, is a place full of warmth, serving some of the best food you’ll ever eat, a whole bunch of delicious and wacky cocktails and really good vibes! It’s going to be on our hang-out list for a while to come. See you there, Punekars!
Address: B-3, Ground Floor, Cerebrum IT Park, Near Marigold Complex, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
For reservations, contact 020 71967421
Seen in the Featured image is the Thai Chicken Thigh.