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A Chat with the Force Behind 'Krafty Ideas' – Deepika Dadlani Nagpurkar

We caught up with one of Pune’s artistic forces, Deepika Dadlani Nagpurkar, a passionate artist, super-mom and all-in-all a wonderful lady. Check out her products below (for kids and adults too!) and our little chat with her! 

We caught up with one of Pune’s artistic forces, Deepika Dadlani Nagpurkar, a passionate artist, super-mom and all-in-all a wonderful lady. Check out her products below (for kids and adults too!) and our little chat with her!
Tell us a bit about yourself.
A former Air Force pilot discovering her inner creative soul and giving it wings!
What inspired you to start ‘Krafty Ideas’?
I was looking for activity books and educational toys for my then-one-year-old baby and couldn’t really find exactly what I wanted, so I just made it myself. That was when I thought that maybe more parents might appreciate such hand made products.
Krafty Ideas Pune
The main thought behind making the child centric products was the concept of ‘Making Learning Fun’. Whether it is teaching your kids the alphabets using our flash cards or introducing the concept of brushing their teeth through our baby activity books, there is something fun in all these activities and children tend to learn things faster.
A lot of the feedback I got also told me that not just kids, but people in general like hand-crafted, personalised products and that motivated me to expand Krafty Idea’s portfolio of products to a much broader range.
How has the response been so far? Can you tell us about the first compliment you ever received?
Almost all of my exposure to people has been through flea markets and I can truly say after having participated in three such exhibitions that the feedback and response has been nothing but encouraging. People have been very kind in spending time giving their detailed suggestions, which have evolved into new products.
Krafty Ideas Pune
We started off with baby- and children-centric products but based on the response we have introduced new categories such as Home Decor and Lifestyle products for young adults.
As for the best compliment, without really wanting to sound very narcissist has been, “Beta aap ke haat mai jadoo hai” – I promise this isn’t made up. An elderly gentlemen came upto me and said that with utmost warmth and appreciation. That really was the best encouragement I’ve received as far as words go. But I have to say, the best compliment is every time someone picks up one of my products and makes it their own.
Krafty Ideas Pune
What (if any) is the toughest or trickiest part about doing what you do?
Few of the challenging things about running Krafty Ideas is bringing an actual product from the drawing board into production. There are immense challenges in physically creating an idea. Also, designing exciting products is the main challenge as that is completely born out of one’s imagination, which is boundless.
Where do you want to take this art in the future?
I am very clear on wanting to evolve Krafty Ideas into a self-sustaining and growing enterprise. We are in the first few months of our existence, so these are very nascent times. We are still testing the market and trying to adapt to what what the market tells us. But seeing the market buy what we make is infinitely empowering and motivating to keep doing more and to keep at it.
You’ve been a part of local flea markets. Why do you think flea markets are so important?
Flea markets are the days of our reckoning, its when we get to see if people are willing to put money where their mouth is. In short, fleas are our test-markets and they tell us if our products are working or not. At the flea there is no place to hide, either we are doing something people want or we are not – the writing is pretty much on the wall.

That said, the most critical value a flea provides is the connect with our potential users and via them finding the correct product-market mix that drives our product portfolio.
A word of encouragement for budding small scale artists?
No dreams are small and every big artist was once a small, obscure, and unknown name.
Pune needs more of…?
Well-managed, quality events and avenues that provide a launching platform for creative ventures, not just from a creative point of view but also from an enterprise point of view. I feel that a creative entrepreneur is not cut from the same cloth as, say, an out and out business focused entrepreneur, and any help or guidance for our type of tribe will be received with open arms.
Note: Krafty Ideas will be at the Poona Club Grounds as part of the Wassup Flea on May 5-6.
12-10:30 pm on both days.
Find Krafty Ideas on social media or get in touch with Deepika below:
Contact Number: +91-7448162963