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Pune School Wins First Prize at Worldwide NASA Space Settlement Contest 2018

LOS Tara!

The Orchid School won the First Prize in the Worldwide NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest 2018- a worldwide competition held by NASA, National Space Society and the San Jose University. This was the school’s debut entry in the contest and like past years, NASA received more than 2500 entries for this competition from an estimated 10,000 students from around the world.
The team of 11 students from The Orchid School in Baner, presented a novel, innovative and futuristic space settlement design, named LOS Tara (LOS-Lunar Orbit Station, Tara-‘star’) under the class IX large group category.
The settlement, summarised in a 150-page scientific paper, describes the power, life support, agriculture, structure, government, robotics and other such aspects of LOS Tara, required to support a population of 15,000 citizens. The project also surmounted the challenges posed by life in the lunar orbit.
The team included Aditya Nebhrajani, Arnav Kalgutkar, Shlok Pande, Ojas Davare, Aryan Deore, Galav Sharma and Aditya Deshmukh from the ninth grade, and Dhruv Jadhav, Chinmay Kharche, Ved Joshi, and Arshia Joshi from the seventh grade.
The project team was formed by the students themselves, meeting consistently during and after school hours, as well as through their vacations. This project taught them valuable technical and scientific skills, but also key life lessons like collaboration, coordination, project management, dedication and balancing academics along with the project.
“We can stand by and watch them conquer the world, and the sage need not be on the stage, the champions have proved it. Proud of our students” –  Lakshmi Kumar, Director, The Orchid School.