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Project Sistah – Changing the State of Women Empowerment & Safety

No woman is alone.

People, here’s a day I’ve personally been looking forward to- women empowerment and safety being put into action by women, for women; not only in our city, but country and across the world, on ONE SINGLE MOBILE APP, Sistah
Project Sistah is the work of five extremely driven individuals from across the country, being created right here in Pune! Read on for my chat with these guys about how this app is changing the women empowerment and safety status in the world today.
Tell me about Sistah
Sistah is a women-only help network that will bring together women of a neighbourhood, city, country and from across the world on a mobile app so they can help each other in any aspect of life. It will enable women to support each other on critical issues like domestic violence, sexual abuse, dowry, to universal ones like career, single parenting and financial independence.

Sistah will be an invitation-only network. A user will be able to join Sistah only when one or more women send an invitation and verify that the user is a woman. An open network where all the women will be able to see each other’s profile and chat with each other. Mobile numbers will be hidden. The complete list of women can be searched for and filtered on the basis of location, work place, interests, city etc.

Sistah will have a map-based feature, wherein a woman will be able to see other women near her location and reach out to them in case of an emergency. The idea is to have women be there for each other when they sense any threat.

The Backend System and Application will be built by one of Sistah’s partner companies, WorkApps Product Solutions Private Limited – an Enterprise Product Company that has built many Technology solutions for Large Scale Corporates and Government Agencies. It’s led by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and professionals. Some of their work can be seen here – WorkApps, WorkApps Chat, GSTHandbook,,

How did the Sistah idea come about?
It is normally assumed that safety and security is the job of our government and state services, and there isn’t much citizens can do about it.

Sistah is the result of five passionate individuals who believe in being the change they want to see in the world. We decided to apply our combined knowledge and professional skill sets to do something about the fact that women’s security is one of the most critical issues of our society today. If we, as citizens, can do our bit in working towards creating a safer environment then why not. We realised we have enough expertise and passion to make a platform like Sistah a reality.

There were two options in front of us… One, we could shelve the project and some day in the future, tell our kids and grandkids, that I worked for a company that had an idea to make a practical and workable solution for women empowerment and safety. Second was to actually go ahead and make it happen. So here we are!
Give me a bit of background on Sistah’s co-founders.
Rudrajeet Desai

A serial entrepreneur, Rudrajeet has spent the last decade building technology products that have pioneered their categories. He is also the author of a bestseller book on Startups & Entrepreneurship – Breaking Out and Making Big.

Radhika Yelkur – A technical translator, content writer and entrepreneur with 20+ years experience!

Priyanka Pathania –Internet & Media advertising expert with 15+ years experience!

Sakshi Agarwal – A content writer, marketing professional and aspiring entrepreneur with 7+ years of experience!

Ankita Mittal –  Graphic Designer & Marketing Professional with 8+ years experience!
So how is this project being funded?
Sistah is a Public Company where our supporters and investors will get shares of the company in return for their investment. The team is looking for support from people who can fund product development by investing Rs.50,000/- or more. Not as charity, but as an investment in return for shares in the company.
Instead of going to conventional investors, venture capitalists, NGOs, government organizations, we are approaching individuals who can contribute smaller amounts to fund the product development.
We had approached many government bodies and ministries with this idea, but none of them showed any interest or inclination to fund it in the development stage. Building a system and mobile app like Sistah needs highly experienced engineers and professionals. Through the generated funds we will be able to afford the cost of development and maintenance of such a product.
To know more about investing in Sistah please visit their website!
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Phone Numbers – Sakshi Agarwal – 9673910244 | Priyanka Pathania – 9818951442
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