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How to Get Up To 50% Off on Your Meals in Pune!

What’s This About?

I recently heard about this cool app called Eatigo– their mission, in their words, is to connect empty tables with empty stomachs by offering time-based discounts as high as 50% on your food bill every day at all of its participating restaurants!
Not only is the app a huge hit here in Pune and Mumbai, but it’s also heavily used across Asia in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines.
How it Works:

Unlike most food/reservation apps available today, Eatigo is free to download and lists over 500 restaurants across Pune and Mumbai. There isn’t even any kind of subscription fee or hidden costs.
If you reserve a table at any of the restaurants listed in the app, you get a discount on your food bill. The discount percentage is based on the time of your reservation.
For example, if I reserve a table for 5 pm, which is an unusual time for a meal (yep, that’s when I eat dinner), my discount percentage will be higher than the regular average dinner time. There are discounts available for all hours, every single day. Isn’t that awesome!
What You Need to do to Avail This

Simply download the app, register, check out the super simple user interface wherein you can see the list of restaurants segregated as per the city’s localities, and click and book your spot!
When you get to the restaurant, have a gala time, and get ready to pay the bill, it’ll come with the discount promised to you by the app! I mean, how cool is this!
My Personal Experience

Tea Villa Cafe, Viman Nagar

I downloaded the app a couple of days ago, registered and checked out the various options listed under different areas in Pune. I must say, there are so many options to choose from and as promised, I got my 50% off of the food bill!
From our favourite local place around the corner to hotels like Hyatt, everyone’s hopped onto this food joyride.
This app is a boon for those of us who love having a fun time at a place of our choice, ending it without a dent in our pockets. So, get downloading, Pune!