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5 Really Awesome Movie Clubs in Pune

Calling all film buffs!

Watching a film in a multiplex can be an entertaining affair, sure, I get that. However, it’s not really intimate. If you are one of those who crave to connect with the movies you’re watching, then you need something more personal. The company who partakes in watching the movie with you plays an important role in dictating the experience. In a multiplex or a theater, diversity is often a positive as well as a negative factor. Not every audience respects the sanctity and art of music, not all of them are in love with the cinema life.

These following movie clubs understand your passion for cinema; they offer you a platform to experience movies the way you want to. Check out these popular movie clubs; you now have the right kind of company for the right kind of movies!
Lost The Plot
Started by movie buffs for movie buffs, Lost The Plot is easily the most popular movie club in Pune. They have rooftop movie screenings with comfortable beanbags, wireless headphones, beer and food! The movie genres are also varied and ever-changing, so there’s something for everyone! Check them out in Aundh, Pune.
Viman Talkies

Brainchild of Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communications, Viman Talkies is the best film club if you’re a fan of Indie films. They are renowned for bringing controversial cinema into the limelight. Viman Talkies has also been responsible for screening feature films- regional as well as international.
Aashay Film Club
This film club is more than an ordinary movie club- they host screenings along with movie discussions and seminars. They specialise in regional movie screenings, along with conducting workshops for movie buffs. International films along with post film discussions are also their highlights. This three-decade-old film club definitely sounds enticing; head over to Sadashiv Peth to experience movies unlike any other!
Pune Queer Film Society
The sole intention of this film club is to bring attention to the LGBT community by screening queer films. Open and constructive conversations about the LGBT community are also conducted here. The club has sixty members as of now and it’s open to members who identify as straight or otherwise. The Pune Queer Film Society is in Kalyani Nagar.
Arbhaat Short Film Club

A film club dedicated to short films, Arbhaat Short Film Club focuses on international as well as regional cinema. With a simple belief that content is more important than length, Arbhaat Short Film Club is 80 members strong. They occasionally screen documentaries as well. Arbhaat Short Film Club is located at Law College Road.
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