Pomeranian Escapes from Crate at Pune Airport

डोगो diaries.

A pet Pom/German Spitz, Shangul, or as I now call him, Doggo Houdini, escaped from its crate while on a cart headed towards the cargo compartment at the Pune Airport.
Shangul was on his way to Delhi with owner Vishal Varma this week. He was supposed to be loaded into the cargo compartment, but managed to use his teeth and legs to break out of its crate. He made a run for his freedom towards some overgrown bushes before the airline personnel could even realise what happened. Varma cancelled his trip and the aircraft took off without the duo.
After three stressful days of searching for the pet, officials finally found Doggo Houdini in the technical area of the Indian Airforce in Lohegaon; he was overall healthy but had shed some weight.
Varma is ecstatic to have found him and plans to distribute sweets to everyone who helped bring Shangul back as well as make a stop at Shirdi to offer his gratitude before moving back to Delhi.

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