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Copper Chimney Leads Pune to Unforgettable Indian Cuisine

Indian Food, Made Unforgettable!

I’m someone who LOVES trying new cuisines; even if I have a preconceived notion about one, I’ll still at least try pretty much anything. Having travelled extensively across our country, Indian cuisine’s been no stranger to me, or so I thought.
My initial reactions to the mention of Indian restaurants had always been “it’s an Indian restaurant, a dime a dozen around, what could be so special about it?”
Copper Chimney changed my thought process real quick. BOY, changed it and how! Read up on about this experience because there’s no way you want to miss this place!

All that’s SPECIAL

  • Copper Chimney has marked its presence across India and the Middle East but what’s particularly special about the Pune outlet is that it’s owned by its parent company- K Hospitality, founded by Mr. JK Kapur. His experiences growing up in the undivided North-West India led the brand to becoming a leader in Indian cuisine. Their very first outlet was launched by Bollywood legend, Mr. Dilip Kumar back in 1972, in Worli, Mumbai.
  • One aspect that sets Copper Chimney apart from other brands is its Tandoor Grills section; dishes include originals picked straight from Mr. Kapur’s secret recipe book that have been refined over decades. Their perfectly cut and grilled meats and vegetables have distinctive, unforgettable flavours, which are marinated for 8 hours, slow-cooked and prepared in custom-made Tandoors.
  • All their Curries and Dals are cooked from scratch each and every single day; the quality and freshness of their ingredients are unmatched!
  • Copper Chimney’s Pune outlet literally beckons for celebrations. The ambience has just the right touch for joyous family get-togethers, group meals as well as memorable couple dinners. Its location on the 3rd floor of Phoenix Market City is also perfect for a post-shopping spree feast!

  • The staff here deserves a special mention because it’s rare to experience such a warm welcome; each and every member is chivalrous, courteous, knowledgeable about the brand and its menu and so honestly in love with what they do!

Moving on to things that matter, people… Let’s talk alcohol and food!

Their Cocktails are SO LIT!

I’d heard about their cocktail called ‘Achari Whiskey’ and I’m pretty sure those were the words that had me all “OMG WHAT’S THAT LET’S GO’.

It did not disappoint! Literally the most lip-smacking spicy mango ‘achar’ pieces on a toothpick dipped into a mix of Whiskey and Ginger Ale. Whoever came up with this needs a Cocktail Innovation award, pronto!

Then there’s the Kalakhatta Margarita – Tequila, Chaat Masala and Kala Khatta. Believe me, it’s like revisiting our childhood with a generous dash of adulating, all in a happy glass. It was so good I wanted to squeal with joy! Wait, I actually did.

Indian LIIT – A LIT (get it?) tumbler comprising Vodka, White Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Cola and Coconut Water. If a heady mix of this concoction doesn’t solve your troubles, then get another one and witness magic happen!

Khatto Panna – Vodka, Basil and (if that wasn’t enough) Crushed Raw Mango. Wait, what! Don’t quit reading mid-way and head over just yet! Pssst, I may have done the same thing. One of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted!

Congratulations on the FOOD BABY!

If you don’t kick start your meal with their Copper Kadak Roomali and Spicy Cheese Naan, you’re just going to have to go back and do it right. I was willing to forgo the rest of the meal just to continue shoveling these down.

The Copper Kadak Roomali has been on their menu since 1972! A large, hardened Roomali Roti, generously lathered with Chilli Butter Masala, tomatoes, onion and coriander. You will not be able to stop munching on this.

The piping hot Chilli Cheese Naan are little cocktail Naans stuffed with herbed cheese and green chilli. The only words to describe this are- I stuffed my face like a hungry retard and they fed my soul like no other appetizer ever has!

Them GRILLS to Give You the SIZZLES!

I’m going to start off by saying that a bunch of places that serve grilled meat and veggies tend to dry them out. To my happy surprise, the grills here are juicy and succulent with just the right amount of spices! Literally, ALL of the names in this list are perfection!

Mutton Seekh Kabab – My personal favourite in the list, this one needs no description! Pair it with the Indian LIIT, ok?

Achari Chicken Tikka – Perfectly cut and cooked pieces of Chicken, and just the right amount of spicy for every palette!

The Copper Chicken Chop – Delicious Chicken Chops flavoured with green chillies, nutmeg and white pepper (pair this one with the Khatto Panna cocktail and you’re sorted!).

Khadey Masaley ka Paneer Tikka – Tandoor Paneer cooked just right in whole roasted spices. This one still makes me drool!

Veg Seekh Kabab – Minced veggies with Potatoes as part of its binding agent. If there’s Potato in it, there’s nothing not to like, right? Right.

My CURRY Constants!

A special mention goes to the WHOLE WHEAT Roomali Roti and the Multigrain Tandoori Roti. Never have I ever heard of those before! Other absolutely delectable breads include the Pudina Lachcha Paratha and Chura Paratha.
While it’s difficult to choose just a couple of Curries from their list, I’m biased towards Chicken and Paneer, so here goes:

Signature Chicken Bharta – Deliciousness on a whole other level, this shredded Chicken combined with signature spices, green chillies and fresh coriander dish is simply BOMB. It’s their special since 1972!
Copper Paneer Masala – An in-house specialty (and I can see why), this one’s cooked in a tomato-butter gravy with Paneer so perfectly soft, it’ll go right to your heart!


Starting off with a small tip- you’re going to want to eat ALL of these because mark my words, they look, smell, taste and feel like no dessert you’ve experienced before!

Muzzafar – A Lucknowi special treat, this is a rich Rabdi dessert topped with golden strands of Sevai, giving us the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy!

Rasmalai – Fresh Cottage Cheese in sweet, creamy milk, topped off with pistachios. Hello, Indian dessert heaven!

Gulab Jamun – My personal favourite in this list (I think I ate four of them, maybe five, maybe more, stop judging), I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a better version of this North-Indian delight!
The overall experience at Copper Chimney had me simply thinking that this right here is Indian Food, Made Unforgettable.
And finally, because you’ve read all the way until the end, I have a little Copper Chimney giveaway planned for you guys at the end of this week, so stay tuned!
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